Ruhi Book 1 (PDF); Ruhi Book 2 (PDF); Ruhi Book 3 (PDF); Ruhi Book 4 (PDF); Ruhi Book 5a (PDF); Ruhi Book 5b (PDF); Ruhi Book 6 (PDF); Ruhi Book 7. Published volumes of the Ruhi Institute books, in PDF. (Links to documents, offsite.). The spiritual empowerment of adolescents ages 12 to 15 is the major theme explored in Releasing the Powers of Junior Youth. The capacities built include.

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Ruhi 5 Releasing the Power of Jr Youth

The Ruhi Foundation was established as a non-governmental organization inalthough its efforts have been evolving since the s. The Ruhi Institute conducts courses and educational programs for diverse age groups, from the tender age of 5 and 6 to adulthood.

The second level relates to the application of the texts to various real-world situations. Three Case Studies in the Baha’i Community”. book

The Ruhi Institute – Programs and Materials

The third book in the sequence is designed to develop the capabilities needed to conduct children’s classes. A key component of their work was founded on the basic tenet that the essence of humankind is spiritual and that helping individuals acquire spiritual attributes would lead to the advancement of civilization. Each book has one or more practices that can be done outside of the training. Archived from the original on This book can be used as an introduction to people investigating the Faith, or as a study of fundamental principles by people already familiar with the teachings.


You can click here to find the relevant contact details. Bahaikipedia To-do’s Database download. Help About Bahaikipedia General help Ask a question.

The sixth book in the sequence is a continuation of the theme of the second book, which is teaching. By using this site, you agree ruhl the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Want to learn how to make a rotating booklet or a woven star? Wondering whether anyone knows of any place I can find ideas for activities to engage my Book 3 study circle participants in?

Researchers have reviewed the limitations of traditional pedagogies in the West, but some contend similar problems exist world-wide. Views Read Edit View history.


The Ruhi Institute curriculum: Included in the above material for Grades 1 and 2 are the chords and lyrics for songs suitable for use with children. Just started co-tutoring a Book 1 and we can definitely make use of these tools!!!! There are currently seven books in the first sequence of courses, with more sequences in development.

This book is intended to enhance the participants’ understanding of the spiritual significance of teaching, and the attributes that a teacher of the Cause should strive to acquire. This should be an obvious one, but I ruji it often gets overlooked. Views Read Edit View history. It adds material for children’s classes, grade 2. Academic studies have measured different aspects of Ruhi.


Ruhi Institute

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This book teaches of the spiritual dynamics of service. Preparation of Baha’i Nonformal Tutors”. Ruhi Institute reprint ed.

It seems to have morphed into http: Share This Post With the World. In the program for spiritual empowerment of junior youth, various topics are discussed in the youth groups.

The fifth book in the sequence trains individuals to facilitate Junior Youth groups, which are for ages 11— The Ruhi Institute makes its materials available in English, Spanish, French, Persian and Arabic through organizations in different countries that have been authorized to print and distribute them according to needs worldwide.

Each book has one or more practices that can be done outside of the meeting. The classes include games, songs, and various arts and crafts. See that page for authorship and page history information. A Sacred Experience” videos. More titles will be added in future; 27 titles are being planned. West Palm Beach, Florida: Also encouraged throughout the books is the practice of memorizing passages and prayers.