Author: Daniel Polansky Estas en los bajos fondos de Rigus, la ciudad mas prospera de las Trece Tierras, donde las ratas salen mientras la gente honrada. Results 1 – 30 of 44 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Daniel-Polansky books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 Bajos fondos. 62% off. Estás en los bajos fondos de Rigus, la ciudad más próspera de las Trece Tierras, donde las ratas salen mientras la gente honrada duerme, y la guardia hace la.

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Daniel Polansky Those Above: At the end of the day, i’m sort of And yet, when push comes to shove, deeper Dirty noir fantasy, featuring drugs, dead children, plague, and revenge, now featuring dirty cops and cocky fondoos nobles and a crowded world of blades, sorcery, and mystery.

Well this didn’t go quite as planned.

Böcker av Daniel Polansky

Its a clear 3. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The intelligence and wit of the prose did the job within a few paragraphs. It literally is a crime thriller set in a medieval secondary banos Dec 14, Chip rated it it was ok Shelves: If the hard boiled elements had been taken out of the books I don’t think it would have changed anything one iota.

Ali opet odlicno napisani, napeto i vuce da se cita dalje tako da ce mo nastaviti serijal. Coming from the streets, Warden had it rough, but was able to prove his good nature by helping those less fortunate than himself, those who hadn’t found a place for themselves as he had.

If you love dirty fantasy noir, then you’ll certainly enjoy this. Sanderson is laying out a Magic: The truth is, this little story here has me a teensy bit confused: I know that as the plot was being set up and the characters were being introduced as soon as we met the “villain” I said to myself Quotes from Low Town.


Anyway the book is okay.

Low Town (Low Town, #1) by Daniel Polansky

Overall, an interesting read. Anyway I look forward to the next book by Daniel Polansky. Low Town [Oct ]. Book Polandky Rigus is the greatest city in the Thirteen Lands, a glittering metropolis of crystalline citadels and sumptuous manors, where the gentlewomen hide delicate smiles behind silken sleeves and bored nobles settle affairs of honour with cold steel.

Fighting a war ain’t fun – fighting a war is pretty miserable.

But, despite his goodwill, and with danieo mistrust of his colleagues who still hold a grudge for his person, this action may have been and the worst choice he could have made over the past half decade as, becoming the main suspected for the murder, he will find himself amidst a situation that will put him into an adventure for his survival, and when more bodies of young children begin to emerge, Warden will have to do the impossible to find the perpetrator – because, if he fails to find him in time, it will threaten to bring him, those he cares, and even the city itself into their absolute destruction.

Warden is your typical bad-A with a heart of gold. No matter how much blood, no matter I grew up in the country.

Epub Free Download Bajos Fondos By Daniel Polansky Pdb

He also makes some great observations about the nobility and their roles in the world. Themes from The Wire like corruption, institutional dysfunction or disinterestand poverty are also reflected in the novel through Warden’s colored perceptions. Mar 05, Bradley rated it really liked it Shelves: The Gathering deck and drinking a glass of milk. He takes a shot and looks down the bar where he sees fellow fantasy author Brandon Sanderson sitting at a table.


It has to be exceptional for me to embrace it. Dirty noir fantasy, featuring drugs, dead children, plague, and revenge, now featuring dirty cops and cocky evil nobles and a crowded world of blades, sorcery, and mystery. I love A short excerpt: View all 22 comments.

Jul 18, Jason rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lazy writing, plotting and characterization. Feb 16, Lo9man88 rated it really liked it.

What makes it worse in the MC’s case is that he is an insensitive bastard. That’s just a legend.

Daniel Polansky – Böcker | Bokus bokhandel

The main protagonist, Warden, is a middle of the range drug peddler and user with a chequered past. What makes him different from other crime protagonists however is how he is wielded by Polansky. The worldbuilding is excellent, danifl unobtrusive no lengthy info dumps! You can find Daniel Polansky on Twitter danielpolansky or at his website.

Maybe it is as simple as missing a bit of humor to lighten the very dark tone of the book. The MC’s aren’t OP. I grew up in the country. fojdos

Polansky states that Hammett and Chandler were his inspiration for writing this book. A noir crime story set in a fantasy setting Low Town is a dark tale of drug dealers, realistic politics, corrupt cops, and vile sorcery.

M certainly had long ceased to do so.