A barrel reclaimer has a drum member with axially extending series of openings provided with buckets for taking material from a stockpile. Bridge-type bucket wheel reclaimers and drum reclaimers. High-performance and robust systems are needed for the high performance handling and blending of. Barrel Reclaimer for Base mix. TRF’s Barrel Reclaimers are operation at major steel plants in India. The reclaim capacity of TRF Barrel Reclaimer is. TPH.

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Our typical machines cover the following flow rates and sizes:.

It also appears that the arrangement of each series of bucket openings as an unbroken row assists this effect further. Find out more I agree. In addition, a harrow is provided on each side of the machine. These machines incorporate further control systems and sensor logic and are controlled harrel monitored from a central control room, doing without a machine control cabin.

The majority of our boom-type bucket-wheel reclaimers are semi-automated; however, there is a growing trend towards full automation and we are able to supply fully automated machines too. Material collected in the buckets is discharged teclaimer a layered stream onto a belt conveyor contained within the barrel, and is then delivered to a downstream conveyor running alongside the stockpile. Drum Reclaimers Drum reclaimers are particularly suited to the homogenization and blending of bulk material for sophisticated barrrel processes, especially for iron ore or coal processing.

Drum reclaimers are particularly suited to the homogenization and blending of bulk material for sophisticated downstream processes, especially for iron ore or coal processing. Known barrel reclaimers comprise an elongate cylindrical drum rotatably mounted at its opposite ends on support frames which run on rails at the sides of a bulk material bqrrel.

T Barrel Reclaimers Made-to-Order for Bhushan Power & Steel – [email protected]

A drum member according to claim 1 wherein each axial series of openings has its individual openings substantially uniformly axially spaced from each other. Alternatively, the machine may be equipped with slewing bogies to permit transverse travel on rails laid at ground level. Apparatus for removing bulk material from a dump. This reclaimer is for use in extreme climatic conditions with very low reclaimr. Thus, the five central circumferential rows have six openings at equal angular intervals and the number of reclaaimer in each row then decreases towards the drum ends, there being only one opening at each end circumferential position.


Boom type Bucket Wheel Reclaimer in Australia.

We design, fabricate and supply a wide-range of reclaimer machines ranging from bridge bucket-wheel reclaimers to boom type bucket-wheel reclaimers and drum or barrel machines. Our machines can be specified as fully automated and thus work in the absence of an operator through a variety of sensors and are controlled from a central control point.

Bulk material handling and reclaiming equipment. In the case of parallel pile arrangements, a transfer car is provided, running in a pit across the open end of the stockpiles, to enable the reclaimer to be positioned on any pile.

A variety of different machine types can be employed to reclaim stacked material from stockpiles. Continuous flow and trickling of material on the escarpment across the entire stockpile width Simultaneous reclaiming of thin layers of material over the entire stockpile cross-section Overlapping discharge of material onto the cross-belt conveyor Our typical machines cover the following flow rates and sizes: The buckets continuously remove thin layers of material from the entire cross-section of the stockpile and discharge this onto a belt conveyor located within the drum.

Barrel reclaimers – Strachan & Henshaw Limited

A drum member for a barrel reclaimer, said drum member comprising a cylindrical wall and a plurality of series of openings in said wall, each said series of openings being arranged in a row extending longitudinally of the drum, bucket means projecting outwardly of said wall at each said opening for gathering bulk materials, at least one of said series of openings being disposed at a spacing from at least one end of the drum, an auxiliary opening being located in line with said at least one series of openings between the end of said series of openings and said at least one end of the drum, the or each said auxiliary opening having opposed sides defining a width of the opening which tapers inwardly with increasing distance from its associated series of openings.

Metso in your language. The reclaimer is prepared for operation in automatic mode and remote control mode. SmartTag Valve World Automation fair.

The drive means for rotating the drum in the frame is not shown because it can be entirely conventional. The remote end 30a of each auxiliary opening is generally circular and the width of the opening immediately preceding the rounded end is less than half of the width of the bucket opening.


Bridge-type bucket wheel reclaimers and drum reclaimers

It is also helpful if the individual openings of each axial series are uniformly spaced from each other. With this design, the need for the transfer car and its pit are eliminated. The material picked up by the buckets is deposited on a conveyor which extends axially through the interior of the drum and which delivers the material to a fixed conveyor at the side of the reclaimer track for further transport. A semi-automatic control system eases the work for the operator.

A barrel reclaimer comprising a drum member according to claim 1.

Because it is supported only at its ends, the drum of a barrel reclaimer is subject to beam loading and as it rotates the structure of the drum is therefore subjected to cyclic fluctuating loads. All contact information Send a message. A drum member according to claim 1 wherein at least the greater part of the openings of said plurality of series of openings are arranged in circumferential rows.

Despite taking such known measures such as the rounding of the corners of the openings, this problem remains a critical feature of the design of barrel reclaimer drums and there has been no satisfactory solution to it.

140-T Barrel Reclaimers Made-to-Order for Bhushan Power & Steel

Search Expert Search Quick Search. Boom type Bucket Wheel Reclaimer in Brazil. The buckets 10 are double-sided, with a central axial partition 12 extending between end plates 14 and oppositely facing outer scoop walls 16 projecting from the partition 12, so that the drum can operate in either direction of rotation. Integral hydraulic jacks are provided to raise the machine for slewing the bogies. We’re able to design and build machines according to our client’s specific flow rate requirements.

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