STS AND BC – Sigma Sport Bedienungsanleitung Sigma BC – Kinderfahrrad Sigma Il Open terrain system Installation manual – Solfex Ltd. DATA CENTER enables you to evaluate your SIGMA device’s data on a BC ; BC and BC STS; BC and BC STS.

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Activation is only required once per installation and can occur automatically recommended via the Internet. The device must not be in the setting menu. Bedienungsanleitujg a new operating system is installed, nothing prevents bedienungsanleittung. The dongle comes with the RC. Create a route Create a new track point and automatically follow roads. New Create a track, an activity, a training program, or new device settings. If you have previously used your keyboard to enter your training data bedienungswnleitung your SIGMA device, this will not be lost.

If your computer does not have an Internet connection, activate the software manually. Bluetooth must be activated. The device will be automatically detected as a new device and the New device window will open. Select a sport type.

You need access to the SIGMA online shop as this is the only place from which you can receive the unlock code. On connecting a device to the computer via the docking station or a cable, it will be automatically identified ready for you to import the data into the software.


Charles, IL Phone: Select Menu followed by Settings. If you are connecting the SIGMA device to your computer for the first time, it will be identified as new hardware and the driver will be installed. Open the list of available functions.

Do not cancel the database update once it has started as not all the data may be transferred into the new database. Change view Switch between graph, map and data view. For Android and iOS, the device must be Bluetooth 4.

Select Wireless Connection followed by Search.

1 First Steps

Beeline Create a new track point without automatically following roads. Enter the license key. Unit of the X axis Switch between the units hours and kilometers on the X-axis. The software activation window opens.

Depending on the device, the docking station either comes with the product or can be purchased as an accessory. Previous or next log entry Move the green arrow on the timeline from one log entry to the next to specifically select individual log sibma in the record. Create copy Create an editable copy of the device settings displayed.



Trim log Trim the log at the start and end to shorten the route. You can connect the docking station to your computer via a USB interface. If you receive an error message, please check the license key that you have entered.

Create a new user and assign sport types. The new data that you now import using the docking station will be assigned to the manually created device. If you register in the online shop siyma enter your license key from the CD cover in the shop, you will receive free updates.

There are several types of data:. For information on the number of systems on which activation is possible, please see the license terms. The unit on the Y-axis changes in the log file window.