Chimica e Propedeutica Biochimica L. Binaglia, B. Giardina – Mc Graw Hill Ed. Chimica. I Bertini, C. Luchinat, F. Mani – Second Ed. – Casa Editrice Ambrosiana. 1. P. Zanello, S. Mangani, G. Valensin, Le basi della Chimica,Casa Editrice Ambrosiana. 2. i, at, , Chimica, Casa Editrice Ambrosiana. 3. Bertini, Ivano; Luchinat, Claudio; Mani, Fabrizio, Chimica inorganicaIvano Bertini, Claudio Luchinat, Fabrizio Mani. Milano: Casa Editrice Ambrosiana,

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Periodic table and periodic properties. The assessment consists of a written test eventually integrated with an oral examination. In this case, the final grade will be given on the basis of the overall assessment of the tests undertaken and will not necessarily be an improvement over the one obtained in the written test alone. Bond dipoles and molecular dipoles. Mole and Avogadro’s number. Systems, States, and Energy.


Periodic table of elements. Atoms and their electronic structure. Unit of concentration of solutions, vapor pressure, surface tension, osmotic pressure. In the oral exam, lasting approximately 30 minutes, students are expected to come prepared to answer questions covering the work of the entire semester.

Fluency in elementary algebra is highly recommended. The effect of pH on solubility. Consulting text books is highly recommended. Verification of learning Oral and written examination. Knowledge of the structure and properties of chemical compounds. The orals are taken within a week of passing the written test.

Module: Chemistry

Understanding of fundamental principles see the topics covered in the course and their application in solving simple problems in general chemistry. Skip to main content. Peloso, Problemi di Chimica Generale. Basic knowledge of math, physics and chemistry at the level usually taught in high schools oriented towards science is required and sufficient to attend the classes for this module.

Written exam regarding stochiometry exercises and theoretical questions Assessment criteria: Through theoretical lectures and practical exercises, students will acquire knowledge on fundamental chemistry.


Acid-base titrations and indicators. Chemical equilibria in solution. Description of equilibrium constant for homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions.

Properties of liquids and solutions. A first-level degree is required for admission. Knowledge of the principles and chemical-physical mechanisms by which chemical compounds can interact and regulate processes of biological interest. Methods for measuring solution concentration. Editruce size Normal Large. Ionic dissociation and ionic form of a chemical equation. Raoult’s laws for the non-volatile and volatile solute. Single cycle degree courses. This is an introductory course to basic concepts and principles of chemistry.

Università degli Studi di Perugia

Libreria internazionale Cortina, Electrolysis and Faraday laws. For example, students should be able to calculate: The second and third laws. Mass unit berrini mole.