We tested acute toxicity in worms Eisenia andrei following OCDE protocols ( ) and bioactivity tests in Artemia salina. The alkaloids fraction. Bioensayo de toxicidad en artemia salina. Cortés Montoya Vanessa Hernández Castañeda Miriam Najera Sánchez Gloria Guadalupe Ramírez Venegas María. Bioensayo de La Toxicidad Del Nitrato de Potasio en Reproductores de Artemia Salina en Condiciones de Laboratorio – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF.

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Artemiidae larvae wn apical cells of Allium cepa L. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time the cytotoxicity and toxicity of phosphonium-based DESs were studied. In the present study, adult amphipods were not sensitive to the toxicity of A. It was found that there was no toxic effect for the tested DESs on all of the studied bacteria confirming their benign effects on these bacteria.

After incubation, one replicate per treatment was used to measure oxygen, salinity and temperature in order to ensure normal optimal conditions. However, an increase in mortality was observed throughout the concentration range of Alexandrium minutum Fig. Protocolo del test de toxicidad de sedimentos marinos con larvas del erizo de mar Paracentrotus lividus Lamarck, Skip to main content.

Química y biología del extracto etanólico del epicarpio de Crescentia cujete L. (totumo)

The use of Artemia nauplii for toxicity tests-A critical analysis. We suggest performing the bioassays of the present study with the model organisms, using recent isolated A.


This scenario is also in agreement with Faimali et al. Las toxinas de P. The dinoflagellate Alexandrium minutum and the haptophyte Prymnesium parvum are well known for their toxin production and negative effects in marine coastal environments.

Variety of PSP biensayo profiles in various culture strains of Alexandrium tamarense and change of toxin profile in natural A. Due to the high toxicity reported for A.

Artemia salina

Las plantas y sus usos en las Islas de Providencia y Santa Catalina. The constituents of Crescentia cujete leaves. Several metal ions were xalina to the amylase reaction xrtemia determine if they inhibited or enhanced the brine shrimp amylase activitiy.

The hour exposure proved to be much more harmful, indicating that both concentration and exposure time contributed to the toxic response in the nauplii population. Protocols on methods for the testing of chemicals used in the offshore oil industry. The results indicate that A. These results are in accordance with those of Privitera et al.

Due to logistic difficulties, the presence of cell content inside the alimentary canal of A. Phytochemical screening and standardization of poly herbal formulation for dyslipidemia.

Specimens were transported alive in a container with seawater and processed immediately in the laboratory. Moreover, Zhenxing et al. LC 50 comparison analysis between the tested organisms reveals that A.

Taxonomic identification was performed through cellular scale characterization, using transmission electron microscopy Seoane et al. These crustaceans are characterized by their adaptability to a wide range of salinity and temperature conditions: Before being used for toxicological testing, the cell density was determined with a Neubauer chamber.

Bioactive compounds with a novel fused ring system from Crescentia cujete. Prymnesium parvum has not been reported specifically in the WFD reports. In the cell density of Alexandrium minutum was lower than cell L —1much less than the value considered as a limit for toxicity risk found in the present study.


The species level identification of prymnesiophyceans requires the analysis of the body scales through electron microscopy Seoane et al. Aiming to find new cytotoxic compounds, the hydromethanol extract of W. International J Pharma Bio Sciences. Initial test 0; ; ; ; ; Definitive test 0; ; ; ; ; C. As a result, it cannot be concluded that the higher sensitivity of A.

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Regarding toxicity of Alexandrium minutumit must be considered that the long culture maintenance of the dinoflagellate in the present work may have led to the decrease in toxin production. L y Psidium Guineense. To perform phytochemical profile of Duroia macrophylla extracts and to evaluate them as antioxidant, insecticidal and cytotoxic Evaluation of cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of Inula viscosa leaf extracts with Allium test.

The cytotoxicity effect was tested using brine shrimp.

Larvae were considered dead when no movement was detected after 10 seconds of observation and semi-dead when the movement had decreased compared with the non-affected larvae. Editorial Universidad del Valle; Differences were considered as significant when p was lower than 0. Los extractos activos de D.