and relative to the issuance of Certificate of Value-Added Tax Withheld at September 16, , Amends the Revenue Regulations governing the. RR – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for Secrets to Prevent BIR Audit and Eliminate Tax Assessments. Executive Orders ยท BIR Issuances RR No. , Further amends Section 9 of Revenue Regulations No. relative to the certain provisions of RR No. , as amended, to implement further amendments pursuant to RA No.

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Any remuneration paid for casual labor, that is, labor which is occasional, incidental or irregular, but which is rendered in the course of the employer’s trade or business, is considered as compensation.

Prescribes the rules and regulations in the implementation of the provision on Improperly Accumulated Earnings Tax. The excess of actual expenses over advances made shall constitute taxable income if such amount is not returned to the employer.

Further expands the coverage of taxpayers required to file tax returns and pay taxes through the Electronic Filing bri Payment System to include National Government Agencies mandatorily required to use the 2-9 Tax Remittance Advice.

Amends further Revenue Regulations Gr. His gross income includes salaries, wages, annuities, compensation, remuneration and other emoluments, such as honoraria and allowances, received from such contractor or subcontractor. D Liability of designated officers โ€” 1 Additions to the tax โ€” The designated Treasurers, Chief Accountants and other persons holding similar positions, who have the duty to withhold and remit the value added tax in r respective offices shall be personally liable for the additions to the tax prescribed in Sec.

She was previously employed by W Co. Thus, if an employee is paid a regular compensation for the weekly payroll and in addition thereto is paid supplemental compensation for example taxable bonuses determined with respect to a different period, the payroll period is the weekly payroll period. F for the month of June, F Income distribution to the beneficiaries. Provided, however, that this fact is shown in a sworn declaration jointly executed by the medical practitioner, and the patient br his duly authorized representative, in case the patient is a minor or otherwise incapacitated.

For this purpose, hospitals and clinics shall not allow their medical practitioners to receive payment of professional fees directly from patients bid were admitted and confined to such hospital or clinic and, instead, must include the professional fees in the total medical bill of the patient which shall be payable directly to the hospital or clinic.

Prescribes the rules in the sale or disposition of real estate obtained by the government in payment of taxes, penalties or costs arising under Section of the Tax Code. A Professional fees, talent fees, etc.

In 22-98 of married individuals who are still required to file returns, only one return for the taxable year shall be filed by either spouse to cover the income of both spouses.


2018 Revenue Regulations

Clarifies the tax treatment of income earned from 2–98 activities by enterprises registered under the Bases Conversion and Development Act of and the Philippine Economic Zone Act of Prescribes the rules and regulations implementing RA No. Amends further RR No. Provides the penalties for violation of the requirement that Output Tax on the sale of goods and services should be separately indicated in the sales invoice or official receipt.

The above stated exclusions a and b shall cover benefits paid or accrued during the year provided that the total amount shall not exceed thirty thousand pesos P30, Using the semi-monthly withholding tax tables, the withholding tax due is computed by referring to Table C line 2 ME2 of Column 4 which shows a tax of P Hence, the tax shall be determined based on the aggregate amount of the compensation paid. N, married, big husband is also working received the following: Extends the deadline for the submission of the Application for Revalidation of Issued Permits to establishments subject to Excise Tax as well as provides for appeals mechanism in the revalidation process.

B Professional fees, talent fees, etc. Prescribes the VAT treatment on sale of adjacent residential lots, house and lots or other residential dwellings, thereby amending certain provisions of RR No.

Clarifies the taxation on the sale of gold and other metallic minerals to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and other persons or entities.

Extension of Time for Furnishing Statements to Employee. Prescribes the regulations to implement the compromise settlement of internal revenue tax liabilities of taxpayers with outstanding receivable accounts and disputed assessments with the Bureau.

G Tax Paid by Recipient. However, if living quarters or meals are furnished to an employee for the convenience of the employer, the value thereof need not be included as part of compensation income. For purposes of substantiating the claim of insurance expense, the policy contract shall be presented to the employer together with the original official receipt of the premium payment, in addition to the documents which will be prescribed by the BIR in a separate regulation to determine the aggregate of his family income.

Compute the withholding tax due by adding the tax predetermined in the compensation level indicated at the top of the column, to the tax on the excess of the total regular and supplementary compensation over the compensation level, which is computed by multiplying the excess by the rate also indicated at the top of the same column. Prescribes the issuance of Taxpayer Identification Number TIN to all taxpayers and qualified applicants and the mandatory incorporation of TIN in government forms, papers or documents.

Senate Bills 17th Congress 16th Congress. Extends further the deadline for registration and other compliance requirements during the transitory period of the imposition of Value-Added Tax VAT on sale of services by professionals and brokers.

On June 1,he filed his resignation effective June 30, Implements the tax provisions of Republic Act No. The numerals affixed to the status symbols “ME” and HF” represent the number of qualified bor, illegitimate, or legally adopted children; Nir โ€” means the amount of exemption in thousand pesos an employee is entitled to claim as a deduction from gross compensation bif in accordance with the status and number of qualified dependent children.


Except as herein otherwise provided, there shall be withheld a creditable income tax at the rates herein specified for each class of payee from the following items of income payments to persons residing in the Philippines: The employer of the husband shall: To constitute payment in such a case, the compensation must be credited or set apart for the employee without any substantial limitation or restriction as to time or manner of 2–98 or condition upon which payment is to be made, and must be made available to him so that it may be drawn upon at any time, and its payment brought with his control and disposition.

The following individuals, however, are still required to file their income tax returns: 298 the guidelines on the monitoring of the basis of property transferred and shares received, pursuant to a tax-free exchange of property for shares, as well as establishes the policies governing the imposition of fees fro the monitoring thereof.

Further amends RR Nos. The same tax treatment shall apply to Filipinos who are employed and occupying the same positions as those of aliens employed by a foreign petroleum service contractor or subcontractor. This sworn declaration, to be executed in the form presented in Annex “A” of these Regulations, shall form part of the records of the hospital or clinic and shall constitute as part of its records and shall be made readily available to any duly authorized Revenue Officer for tax audit purpose.

The employee who opts to file the Income Tax Return shall file the same not later than April 15 of the year immediately following the taxable year. Requirement for Income Payees List. Amends the coverage of the Electronic Filing and Payment System EFPS by making it mandatory for large taxpayers and optional for certain identified non-large taxpayers to avail of the EFPS in the filing of their tax returns and the payment of taxes due thereon. No distinction is made between classes or grades of employees.

BIR Tax Information, Business Solutions and Professional System: Withholding Tax RR-

Such structure includes sewers and sewerage disposal plants and systems, parks, playgrounds, and other recreational works, refineries, chemical plants and similar industrial plants requiring specialized engineering knowledge and skills, powerhouse, power plants and other utility plants and installation, mines and metallurgical plants, cement and concrete works in connection with the above-mentioned fixed works. Using the monthly withholding tax table, the monthly withholding tax is computed by referring to Table A line 2 of column 4 which shows a tax of P A’s business is that of operating a sawmill.

B Exemptions from withholding tax on compensation.