and relative to the issuance of Certificate of Value-Added Tax Withheld at September 16, , Amends the Revenue Regulations governing the. RR – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for Secrets to Prevent BIR Audit and Eliminate Tax Assessments. Executive Orders · BIR Issuances RR No. , Further amends Section 9 of Revenue Regulations No. relative to the certain provisions of RR No. , as amended, to implement further amendments pursuant to RA No.

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BIR Rules & Regulations – The Lawphil Project

Extends further the period for the availment of the VAAP until October 31,subject to the imposition of a progressively increasing additional penalty every month. If the employer is the Government of the Philippines, its political subdivision, agency or instrumentality or government-owned or controlled corporation, the statement shall be signed by the duly designated officer or employee.

It shall be the duty of tax officials to accept the income tax return or other documents submitted under oath. Increases the amount of threshold amounts for sale of residential lot, sale of house and lot, lease of residential unit and sale or lease of goods or properties or performance of services covered by Section PQ and V of the Tax Code ofas amended, thereby amending certain provisions of RR No.

The reward shall be paid under the rules and regulations issued by the Secretary of Finance, upon the recommendation of the Commissioner.

Applicability of Constructive Receipt of Compensation. LLphil Gross selling price shall mean the consideration stated in the sales document or the fair market value determined in accordance with Section 6 E of the Code, as amended, whichever is higher.

Amends further Revenue Regulations No. Using the monthly withholding tax table, the monthly withholding tax is computed by referring to Table A line 2 of column 4 which shows a tax of P Thus, the salary of an employee on vacation or on sick leave, which are paid notwithstanding his absence from work, constitutes compensation. Prescribes the revised tax classification of new brands of alcohol products, including variants thereof based on the current net retail prices Annex A.

Z — Zero exemption for a employee with multiple employers simultaneously, with respect to second, third, etc. In return, the employer is entitled to deduct the amount refunded from the remittable amount of taxes withheld from compensation income in the current month in which the refund was made, and in the succeeding months thereafter until the amount refunded by the employer is fully repaid.

As a general rule, this term does not include a casual purchase of goods, that is, purchases made from non-regular suppliers and oftentimes involving single purchases.


Amends Revenue Regulations No. Thus, in the case of a corporate employer with branch offices, the branch manager or other representative may actually, as a matter of internal administration, withhold the tax or prepare the statements required under the law.

The Register of Deeds shall annotate on the Transfer Certificate of Title of the said property such information required under Section 58 E of the Code. If the employer fails to withhold and remit the correct amount of tax, such tax shall be collected from the employer together with the penalties or additions to the tax otherwise applicable.

The compensation level is the amount indicated in the line and column to which the regular compensation income is equal to or in excess, but not to exceed the amount in the next column of the same line. Amends Section 2 b of Revenue Regulations No. In general, the relationship of the employer and employee exists when the person for whom services were performed has the right to control and direct the individual who performs the services, not only as to the result to be accomplished by the work but also as to the details and means by which the result is accomplished.

No penalties shall apply until May 15, for non-compliance with the new features of the Code as implemented in these regulations. F Income distribution to the beneficiaries. Returns and Payment of Taxes Withheld at Source.

2018 Revenue Regulations

Prescribes the reportorial requirement for establishments leasing or renting out spaces for commercial activities. D Employees whose total compensation income, regardless of the amount, whether from a single or several employers during the calendar year, the income tax of which has not been withheld correctly, that is, that the total withholding tax does not equal the total tax due on total compensation income for the taxable year.

Use the monthly withholding tax table to compute the tax, and the tax so computed shall be multiplied by three 3 or six 6accordingly; LLjur c Bi-weekly — divide the compensation by two 2 to determine the average weekly compensation.

Amends pertinent provisions of certain revenue issuances relative to the revision of the Withholding Tax rates on certain income payments subject to Withholding Tax, deferment of the new deadline dates for filing selected tax returns, reporting requirements for recipients of talent fees, and for other purposes.

Establishes the policy on the binding effect of rulings issued prior to Tax Reform Act of Amends Section 13 of Revenue Regulations No.

Revenue Regulation

Such structure includes sewers and sewerage disposal plants and systems, parks, playgrounds, and other recreational works, refineries, chemical plants and similar industrial plants requiring specialized engineering knowledge and skills, powerhouse, power plants and other 2–98 plants and installation, mines and metallurgical plants, cement and concrete works in connection with the above-mentioned fixed works.


Provided, that no withholding of tax shall be required where the total compensation income of an individual does not exceed the statutory minimum wage or five thousand pesos P5, Personal and additional exemptions 48, Amends Section 4 of RR No.

Implementing Republic Act No. Compute the withholding tax of Mr. Provides the implementing rules and guidelines on the imposition of Excise Tax on rg beverages pursuant to the provisions of RA No.

A dependent means a legitimate, illegitimate or legally adopted child bid dependent upon and living with the taxpayer if such dependent is not more than rr 21 years of age, unmarried and not gainfully employed or if such dependent, regardless of age, is incapable of self-support because of mental or physical defect.

A The husband shall be deemed the proper claimant of the additional exemption in respect to any dependent children, unless he explicitly waives his right in favor of his wife in the application for registration or in the withholding exemption certificate.

G, married with three 3 qualified dependent children whose spouse is not employed received the following compensation: Amends Section 3 23 and 6 of RR No. Tax withheld from previous month Jan-Nov. Tax Bi from Jan to May 3, Extends further the deadline for registration and other compliance requirements during the transitory period of the imposition of Value-Added Tax VAT on sale of services by professionals and brokers. A drawback for American expats – Business World.

Where compensation is paid in property other than money, the employer shall make necessary arrangements to ensure that the amount of the tax required to be withheld is available for payment ibr the Commissioner.

Implements the tax provisions of Republic Act No. The creditable tax withheld at source, however, is allowable as a credit against the tax imposed by the NIRC to the recipient bor the income.

It is sufficient that he has the right to do so. To constitute payment in such a case, the compensation must be credited or set apart for the employee without any substantial limitation or restriction as to time or manner of payment or condition upon which payment is to be made, and must be made available to him so that it may be drawn upon at any time, and its payment brought with his control and disposition.

Extends further the deadline for the availment of the Voluntary Assessment and Abatement Program VAAP until December 16, as well as amends certain provisions relative to its coverage and rates.