Introduced in the mids, IBM’s BISYNC protocol was designed to provide a BISYNC (or BSC) is a half duplex protocol—data may be transmitted in both. BISYNC (BSC) Abbrev. for binary synchronous communications (protocol). A line protocol created by IBM for synchronized communication between mainframe. Computer Networks – Framing Protocols (BISYNC, PPP, DDCMP, HDLC).

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This is particularly important in the US and other areas where the telephone system is converting to satellite transmission systems for voice and data traffic.

These are ignored by the receiver. Contribute to this site Electronic licensing info.

BISYNC (Binary Synchronous Communications) (Linktionary term)

IBM offered assembler language macros to provide programming support. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If somehow all of the bisync interconnected machines in the world were to stop all at once, the results would portocol catastrophic. All rights reserved under Pan American and International copyright conventions. BISYNC’s retransmission and acknowledgment scheme does not work efficiently over connections with long delay times. The CRC provides error detection and correction. In this environment, packets or frames of transmission are strictly unidirectional, necessitating ‘turn-around’ for even the simplest purposes, such gisync acknowledgments.

Some datasets support full-duplex protcol, and full-duplex 4-wire can be used in many circumstances to improve performance by eliminating the turn-around time, at the added expense of 4-wire installation and support.


Some important systems use Bisync data framing with a different link control protocol. Bisync has five different framing formats. Error recovery is by retransmission of the corrupted frame. The next transmission begins with a pad character which can be either of the above or a SYN.

Binary Synchronous Communications

Like the buggy whip, one day bisync will pass into history. Many topics at this biisync are reduced versions of the text in “The Encyclopedia of Networking and Telecommunications. When this is found, tentative byte synchronization has been achieved. Virtually all bisync in use today conforms with the version.

What Is Binary Synchronous (Bisync) Protocol?

Site home page news and notices Get alerts when Linktionary is updated Book updates and addendums Get info about the Encyclopedia of Networking and Telecommunicatons3rd edition Download the electronic version of the Encyclopedia of Networking, 2nd edition Where Bisnc can, I have put links to Amazon for commercial software, not directly related to the software project, but related to the subject being discussed, click on the appropriate country flag to get more details of the software or to buy it bisyync them.

A line protocol created by IBM for synchronized communication between mainframe. The bisync protocol ended up in ATM machines, check sorting machines, radar systems, cash registers, and countless other devices.

This article is based on material taken from the Free On-line Dictionary of Computing prior to 1 November and incorporated under the gisync terms of the GFDLversion 1.


The receiver then searches for a character that can start a frame.

If somehow all of the bisync interconnected machines in the world were to stop all at once, the results would be catastrophic. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and ibsync all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.

Many banks would cease to function. An optional heading containing control information can precede data in a frame. Much Bisync traffic is point-to-point.

Because Bisync is designed to allow multidrop SYN characters are not normally sent continuously between messages so character-synchronization must be achieved at the start of each message. Bisync is pritocol of the names commonly used when referring to a synchronous communications protocol introduced by IBM back in with the introduction of a. A Short History Lesson Bisync is an acronym shortened from “binary synchronous”.

Many banks would cease to function. This abandonment, however, did not erase the bisync protocol nor its huge installed base. This is accomplished by sending a message consisting only of an ENQ character addressed to each device in turn. Bisync is dying away, Slowly.