BlitzkriegCommander is a set of wargame rules that allow you to re-create The rules are suitable for solo, two-player and multi-player games, at home, at the. Blitzkrieg Commander II is an exciting wargame that allows you to re-create The rules come as a page pdf with over 50 pictures that illustrate how to play . Cold War Commander (CWC) / Blitzkrieg Commander (BKC). Not a bad set of rules. To me, their main advantage is that they are simple and.

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Fast and easy to play with innovative systems. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Mark Boam 10 May, 0 comment s Categories: Brigade Models Previews, new releases, interesting stuff Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Blitzkrieg Commander – Wargame Rules for WWII

The actual rules are easy to absorb and relatively short. This site blitzkrieh cookies. Physical casualties are fairly light. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Thursday, August 19, Reviewer: Either way it is a blog on tabletop wargames, board games and megagames.

Magazine June Vae Victis No.

As well as including lists for both Axis and Allied formations, there are details of the forces for some of the more obscure parts of the war. Enter your details for more information on WIPrime and a chance to win. Not every change in the rules is an error however. The author spent hundreds of hours on the stats to put together the new army lists. Much of the simplicity looks dauntingly unrealistic at first look, yet when you examine it you find that the Maths has been done.


That was quite a good result in a group where the junior member has been playing for 15 years and most have been playing 30 years or more. They can return a lot of the fun and excitement to WW2 battles. OK, so I have had a chance to start to read the rules and the lists.

At this point the author has been noted by others on the forum as logging into the Pendraken forums, but avoiding answering any rules questions that have been raised.

Please use the contact link on the top right of the page or visit the forum if you have any questions. Lurkio Blog Lurkio’s Blog. Notify me of new posts com,ander email.

Wargames Illustrated | Blitzkrieg Commander 3rd Edition

This comprehensive approach means that there should be fewer surprises when playing a game — pretty much every option is covered. They go on to point out the cost of the project so far, which is quite significant. My biggest complaint however is that to vote you have to be ocmmander on to the forum so must enrol. Several rules make no sense at all. Supplementary information helps recognize the differences in various unit types, or to give yourself poor, standard or high quality units.

The clarity of the layout and examples really aid in understanding the gameplay.

Roll a One Wargaming blog – covering real and imaginary adventures in many scales. The first edition of BlitzkriegCommander is still available. After the game everyone sat around for longer than the battle took to fight, while an excited de-brief and boasting session took place.


Blitzkrieg Commander | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Recording adventures in miniature painting by an semi-talented painter whose skills are not as good as he would like them to be These feature real miniatures as you see them on the gaming table not diagrams that belong in a physics textbook! Some guys here play Bolt Action in 28mm but are always game to try something new.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. On the Polish side they had also reacted well, but simply lacked the fire-power to resist the force attacking them.

Units tend to suffer suppression and withdraw more than they get destroyed.

The are a huge number of missing units, added units in the wrong time frames, units with the wrong stats and truly very odd limit levels. They truly are that strange. Saw no reason to purchase as BCII is still my favorite. You also get a double-sided A4-sized quick reference sheet. Such as combining forward air controllers and forward artillery observers into one forward observer.

Brigade Models Previews, new releases, interesting stuff The person who re-wrote them made a lot of unnecessary changes.