Tipitaka Sutta Pitaka Digha Nikaya Silakkhandha-vagga Brahmajala Sutta ( DN 1) Contents[show] The Setting Thus have I heard: Once the Lord was. I found a copy of the sutta at the MettaNet – Lanka public domain Tipitaka web site. This is a wonderful resource, but the English translation was done by T. W. While others may praise or criticize the Buddha, they tend to focus on trivial details. The Buddha presents an analysis of 62 kinds of wrong view, seeing through.

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But I advance no different opinion. Sign In Don’t have an account?

As a consequence their self-possession is corrupted, and through the loss of their self-control they fall from that state [ ]. This includes predicting whether there will be plenty of wutta or drought; plenty to eat or famine; an abundant harvest or a bad harvest; security or peril; sickness or health.

Because I didn’t exist and now I do exist.

And by reason of his dullness, his stupidity, when a question on this or that is put to him, he resorts to equivocation, to wriggling like an eel: The Realized One understands this … And those who genuinely praise the Realized One would rightly speak of these things. The ascetics and brahmins who say that the cosmos is finite are wrong, and so are those who say that the cosmos brahmaajala infinite.

And what name has this exposition of the truth? Any ascetics and brahmins who theorize about chance do so on one or other of these two grounds.

DN1 Brahmajala Sutta

Similarly, those who were gods called the “Debauched by Pleasure Khidda-padosika and the “Debauched in mind” Mano-padosika were reborn in the human world and took the same view thinking they themselves were impermanent while those who were not spoiled by sport and were not envious were permanent.


And under these circumstances I might be wrong; and my having been wrong brshmajala cause me the pain of remorse; and the sense of remorse might become a hindrance to me.

Page Views Since Jan- Wrong view number 1: But when the placing of the mind and keeping it connected are stilled, this self enters and remains in the second absorption, which has the rapture and bliss born of immersion, with internal clarity and confidence, and unified mind, without placing the mind and keeping it connected. It may also be noted that these theorists were not interested in the question of the nature of the world. Remember settings Select this to remember these settings next time you visit SuttaCentral.

There are some ascetics and brahmins who speak of extinguishment in brahmajxla present life.

DN 1: Brahmajāla Sutta—Mahāsaṅgīti Tipiṭaka Buddhavasse

When, monks, a monk understands as they really are the arising and passing suttaa of the six bases of contact, their attraction and peril, and the deliverance from them, he knows branmajala which goes beyond all these views. And the wanderer, Suppiya was also traveling on that road with his pupil the youth, Brahmadatta. Thus we, by the dissipation of mindfulness, have fallen from that state, we are impermanent, unstable, short-lived, fated to fall away, and we have come to this world.

And what are these matters? The Extensionist views are mentioned in four groups, three of them holding their view as usual due to their knowledge born of concentration and the last one by logical reasoning. But I know and have experienced it. Dhammika, “The broken Buddha”.


Similarly the elaborate section contains a large number of secondary professions by means of which the brahmins and monks of some schools brwhmajala their living, which the Blessed Bbrahmajala and his disciples refrained from following.

Brahmajala Sutta

Wrong view number 5: This applies to all heavenly and infernal beings”. The brahmajalx continued debating until they arrived at the King’s resting place in Ambalatthika. Wrong view 35 – The contact is a phenomenon when the perception recognised an object beyond our Self. Wrong view number 6: Not being able to reply would distress me, and if I were distressed, that would be a hindrance to me.

In brahmajqla expanding world an empty palace of Brahma appears.

And when this happens beings have mostly been reborn in the World-of-Radiance, and there they dwell made of mind, feeding on joy, radiating brahmaiala from themselves, traversing the air, continuing in glory; and they remain there for a long period of time. If I were to declare that something was skillful or unskillful I might be wrong.

Brahmajala Sutta (Theravada)

The Buddha presents an analysis suttta 62 kinds of wrong view, seeing through which one becomes detached from meaningless speculations.

The proponents of one of these beliefs, adhered that:. The details are the same as under conscious existence up to number 8 of the above list. But when his body breaks up, after life has ended, gods and humans will see him no more.