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Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie Publisher: Biography Number of Pages: This dam a story about what happens when you find parts of your heart. A story of first love and last love.

The story of the third President of Indonesia bkku the mother country. The story of the Habibie and Ainun. BJ Habibie, A genius aircraft expert, someone young who has dreams and ideals are great, making the vehicle flew to unite Indonesia.

Ainun, a young doctor with future cerah. Ainkn two beings love story began inmeeting them again after separated since junior high, the figure changes yabibie both sides to amaze with each other, Habibie is so fascinated by the figure of adults of Ainun are as sweet as sugar, as well as Ainun that not only fell in love with Habibie, Ainun also impressed with the vision and dream big Habibie, from which the seeds of love began to attend, which then wrap with a pernikahan.

LYRIZTAZA: Review Text : Habibie Ainun

For Ainun Habibie created for me, and I created for Ainun. But all that nothing lasts forever, there is always a limit where the separation will certainly be present. The strengths and weaknesses of the book Excess book: When you feel strongly reflects the author’s novelnamely Mr. The contents of the novel not only tells a love storybut the journey of life. Sense of nationalism I was intrigued when I read this novel. The weakness of the book: The novel is very depicts Pak Habibie who was telling.


Rudy Habibie (Habibie & Ainun 2) Luncurkan Trailer Perdana

It is regrettable that the book so special is not enhanced by the presence of an editor and a lack of photos. There are some words in this book that the less I understand.

This book contains stories and disclosure of the deepest love of the professor to his late wife namely Hj. guku

Bestari who died hbaibie May 23, In his introduction, Habibie admitted if the writing of this book to be therapeutic for him to treat longing, a sense of sudden loss of someone who has accompanied and to be in his life for 48 years and 10 days, either in the dxn pain nor happy.

Even though he was sincere, but he can not fool himself that he still hit the post abandoned his beloved wife. Even thought between himself and Ainun are two bodies but one soul. This book had just launched on 30 November in Jakarta. Tells various interesting love story between Habibie and Ainun.

Starting from the initial encounter two of everything, everyday in the ship sailed home to wrenching events when the Divine order to separate the two.

In addition, the reader will also find a few strands of prayer and love poems ever written both. No exaggeration to say Habibie when he wrote this book every page filled with tears.

According presence Ainun who have accompanied him over the years, has become the fire that always burns energy spirit and soul in life. Once like water is always flush and relieve his soul to aiinun calm turmoil.

Every time he came out of daj office, he suddenly felt were in a dimension of space and time to another. A dimension where Ainun not split into nature Barzah. Her face as inherent in every corner of his eye, Habibie present wherever located.


Eka Seftri Riani Subali: REVIEW BOOK HABIBIE & AINUN

Therefore, according to the presence of this book has covered the emptiness of his aainun from day to day, month to month follows the journey of the time. The book consists of 37 chapters. Each chapter contains lessons about life from the professor. Simple narrative style, makes the reader want to continue to watch the other what behavior patterns Ainun Habibie and behind the scenes the national stage.

So that the reader will find da different readings. Just habobie a novel, Habibie able to present a unique and captivating storyline that is so closely in the eyes of the readers. Such as the struggle of young Habibie when expressing her feelings to Ainun, the story behind the founding of the Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals ICMIbehind the scenes the appearance and first flew aircraft made in the nation Gatotkoco N, until grief departure of his beloved wife and various other stories loss if missed.

Habibie & Ainun: the Power Of Love – The True Story Of The Former President And His Wife

Hopefully the presence of this novel could be a reflection or a lesson and an inspiration to us all. And able to satisfy the thirst of Indonesian citizens who want to know the historical facts of the life of the professor, to be able to be ainu in the history of this nation.

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