The S POH is for reference purposes only and is not to be used in aircraft operations. This manual is not up to date and will not be revised. any POH. Refer to the example below for a breakdown: S PHUS. OO. E. VI. Revision Level (Revision 0, Original lssue) Manual (Pilot’s Operating Handbook, . revised without regard to revision dates which apply to the POH itself. These supplements Airplane Model (S). VI. S PHUS OO. E.

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Your POH is indeed about 1. The original “I don’t know it all” of aviation. Please read our FAQs!

Jan 4, Messages: The examples in the POH only deal with short field takeoff. Jan 13, Messages: Apr 18, Messages: No need to spend a bunch of money on a hard copy. Posts about the non-aviating aspects of airlines planespotting, passenger experience, frequent flyer programs do not belong here. Sign up using Facebook.

CarloFelicione — used to be very pih.


The R and S models have approved serial-number specific AFMs, and the only legal copies are purchased from Cessna for many dollars. SE Michigan Display Name: It is a must have for c172d training. Post as a guest Name.

Cessna 172S Pilots Operating Handbook – Reference only

Jul 18, Messages: I have one too, but I just use 10gph for the whole flight and that has always worked. TVProducerDec 5, HippikeDec 5, Check out the AIM If in doubt as to how much runway one will need during landing, the pilot should plan on using a cw field procedure and use the published tables accordingly.

If loh are about to post something that involves the exchange of goods or services for money, run it by the mods first. Have you looked at Essco? Do you already have an account? Refrain from posting anything that does not pertain to pilots, students, instructors or other aviation professionals.

Aug 23, Messages: Bryan, Texas Display Name: You must log in or sign up to reply here. Many many PDF versions available online. Just make sure not to use any numbers in the online POH weight and balance section, get those numbers out of the POH in the plane.

  AW30 40LE PDF

Never needed the hard copy. Sign up using Email and Password.

Pph am running it as lean as it will go while running smoothly. Yes, my password is: Jun 4, Messages: I had this same question yesterday!

Cessna S Pilots Operating Handbook – Reference only – Air WilmingtonAir Wilmington

How do pilots determine ground roll for a normal plh on a long field with hard surface? Pressure altitude is ft. Nov 4, Messages: CCDec 5, Log in or Sign up. I would not spend money on it. That would be cool huh?

MatthewDec 5, Your name or email address: Akron, Ohio Display Name: Look at Note 3, which refers to typical soft field conditions. But older airplane POHs have normal landing distance chart or table.

Sep 22, Messages: No, create an account now. I get the margin of error.