CA datasheet, CA pdf, CA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Intersil, 30MHz / High Output Current Operational Transconductance Amplifier. CA Datasheet PDF Download – 30MHz / High Output Current Operational Transconductance Amplifier, CA data sheet. Intersil CA datasheet, 30MHz / High Output Current Operational Transconductance Amplifier (8-page), CA datasheet, CA pdf, CA datasheet.

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Neil Schubert at February 23, Lab Series amp L5 uses a similar OTA circuit, but they made it adjustable, as in datasbeet xxx mV audio at the input, adjust output trimmer to 1.

I have had a problem with this chip for almost 11 years. We are now reviving and old product that used theand have found some surplus supplies. Looking at the Peavey schematic, I see that: Attached Files Mace VT. I predict that fa3094 the CA is not discontinued, sales will pick up as the supplies of the other OTA chips drop off and the choice of which OTA to use narrows, with the resurgance of cw3094 and electronic dataxheet applications, and with new applications being developed.

They are the people who made the effort to create a small workaround for the TL when TI stopped making them. To be specific about its role in the circuit, it needs to replace U15 in a Peavey Mace preamp. Usually it’s just a case of some guys who are naturally kind’a jumpy.


CA Datasheet(PDF) – Intersil Corporation

In this application, the CAA is operated substantially. It’s a very different internal design, with very different characteristics, and it is used in a different way. And I’m sure the CA hasn’t been their top seller. And there is currently a resurgance in modular analog music synthesizers SynthTech, Synthesizers.

Datasheet «CA3094»

Originally Posted by MarkusBass. It was discontinued the year I designed the boards, and by the time I had made my first prototype built, I had to re-design again.

Adjustment of potentiometer R determines the magnitude of the regulated output. So, we reluctantly must withdraw these CA parts as our stock is depleted and in good faith, datasheeet our customer base in time for last time buys.

You can’t dynamically compress or expand in digital without generation of rounding noise Too late; the plant somewhere in Ohio is gone, Intersil told me. They could just as easily left everyone hanging. Along those lines, the is inspirational for new designs. I actually researched that once. I just got off the phone with Grant Brown and he reiterated dagasheet same position but also added “the recipe we used to select those OTAs has been lost.

Or would Intersil consider introducing an improved 21st century version of the the CA, made in a modern fab? And then after acquiring buying Burr Brown, Texas Instruments has to figure out what to do with all that stuff they got. This is essentially a dual version of the CA plus linearization diodes and output Darlingtons.

  HCPL 0466 PDF

The portion of the circuit preceding transistors Q12operating point for class A operation. From our catalog scanning project. So, da3094 fellow analog enthusiasts, I suggest that you petition NJR for the ‘, ‘, and their like, if your quantity requirements are large enough to make it worth their while.

CA , Tube CA; Röhre CA ID, IC – Integrated

I think that the ANP was originally designed for television sets, which needed volume to be remote-controlled. Until then, it won’t appear on the entry. The LM has been discontinued. This new device, the CAis useful in an extremely broad range of circuits in consumer anddifferential transducer amplifier applications. That wouldn’t be their style anyway. Anyway, here’s hoping they work and that I now have some spares on hand.

Figure 9 shows voltage gain as a function of frequency with tone controls adjustedrate of the CA