In this book – a condensed and up to date report of his research and exploration – Carlo Dorofatti goes deeper into the core content of his studies, using the. Vibrare altrove: La trasmutazione delle energie sessuali e il mistero della seconda nascita (Italian Edition). Jul 25, by Carlo Dorofatti. Download Audiobooks by Carlo Dorofatti to your device. Audible provides the highest quality audio and narration. Your first book is Free with trial!.

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Will, love, and imagination are magic powers that everyone possesses; and whoever knows how to develop them to their fullest extent is a magician. If, from a certain point of you, the existence of different teachings may look like a division or a sort of fracture between those are pursuing the same aim of the self-realization, on the other hand it is fear to allow everybody to follow its own particular way.

When you are fully aware and serene, even your action changes in nature: According to his biographer, Col. But one cannot say the same of incredulity… [ However, there is a doofatti of our soul from which the exchange and the communication between us and everything surrounding us proceeds and grows up.

While denouncing conventional scientists for their self-interested conservatism, he is happy to rely on speculation. In he addressed a conference in Dubai on the subject of Atlantis a. He wrote a number of important works including T he C hronology of A ncient K ingdoms A mended [ ]which was published in He reigns with all heaven and is served by all hell.


Initiatic schools work through special methods and contents that we can resume as dorofayti following: Aleister Crowley, The Book Of Lies The essence of Magick is to working upon phenomena by spiritual forms of energy… … matter is nothing but a sensitive symbol of spiritual causes of phenomena.

Magic, magical thought and magical vision are related with a way of understanding life not just as a casual fluctuation of events which are organised in a rigid scheme of causes and effects, but as a Whole which dynamically interacts with the individual and collective use of the mind.

His ideas on the subject were rather similar to those of Ignatius Donnelly — Atlantis in the Atlantic with the Azores as its remnants. Magic has but one dogma, namely, that the seen is the measure of the unseen.

Carlo speaks regularly at conferences and lectures in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Dorofatti has a website in English and Italian b.

Well, let Him give you some clue It is the deep matrix of our comprehension and real happiness. It is that true and clean point inside of us representing our real essence.

In it, he claims that Masonry came to Egypt and Asia Minor from Atlantis and was originally concerned with sun and fire worship. Published June 8, It is only ‘cultivated’ in the sense of having a vehicle prepared for its use, carrlo which is may descend. Conferences like this one are crucial moments of dialogue. Each one of us has got its own inner Grail to look for.


Carlo Dorofatti’s Books and Publications Spotlight

We cannot say exactly what it is, but it is that which distinguishes live protoplasm from dead protoplasm. He left the community preferring a more autonomous and independent path.

This essence keeps the power to solve all the contradictions the daily life puts in front of us and to achieve in having an authentic energetic exchange with this life. In appearance it is doroaftti nothing.

Carlo Dorofatti

No, I see it most often in the little things, Damien; in the dorfoatti, petty spites; the misunderstandings; the cruel and cutting word that leaps unbidden to the tongue between friends. Doroaftti is a form of energy by whose adroit manipulation one can affect the outward appearances, that is to say the physical phenomena which are its reflection in the grossest world of illusion, that is to say, the world we know.

International Conference on Ancient Studies.

They always provide teachings and tools so that everybody can manage with increasing awareness its own freedom. Not content with that he then proceeded to discuss Lemuria and Mu citing the discredited James Churchward. Meditation does not clash with action.