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In the latter case, the branch address is read from memory during the SI state and transferred over the bus to R P. The call subroutine starts running in R. Place data or subroutines here To “SUB! A final borrow is comple- mented and stored in DF. More code in ratasheet 1 “.

Electronic component inventory – TAMI

This execution will load the successive data bytes into the D register for use by the subroutine and increment R 6 datashedt to the proper address for a return operation.

E, F to represent all the possible values of a 4-bit digit. A more sophisticated and powerful approach to serial interfacing than the one shown in Fig. The cycle during which the instruction is executed is called state 1 SI. Microcomputer c4076 for software development and sys- tem prototyping. The diagrams also shew what the output from memory is during fetch or -tojxccute, or what the output from CPU to memory is.


These flags can also be used as binary input lines datahseet desired. The program must also set R 0 to the address of the desired first input byte location in memory before permitting a DMA input operation.

This example illustrates a program that has two sub- routines, Both subroutines are called by the main pro- gram. RI2l 00 32 Cd4067 The final carry of this operation is stored in DF: If the switch is in the “ON” position, counting proceeds I M address M byte operation comments i 1 I 1 I.

When it has performed its function, the subroutine does a return by doing a SEP back to the register of the main program. If the test conditions are met, the two bytes are skipped. Control keeps going back to the “LOOP” until the count goes to zero. The D byte is one operand, and the memory byte immediately following the FB instruction is the second operand.

The receiver-transmitter is capable of full duplex operation and is externally programmable. The conditional long skip is used to skip on specific conditions of the two bytes following the instruction. The programmer must make sure that the stack pointer is initialized to an appropriate high address memory location before an instruction that uses the stack is executed. In such cases he will omit the decrement of the pointer after pushing data and the increment before using data, thus saving one or two instructions.


Point to old jX.

CD4076 PDIP16

The current program counter, R Pnormally steps sequentially through a list of instructions, skipping over lediate data bytes. The switch in Fig. Number system using 0, 1A, B, C, D. Save the stats of the machine. These instructions are described in the sections on Instruction Repertoire and Instruction Utilization.

Turning the switch “ON” again will re-initiate counting, starling at the value displayed. The NOP instruction causes only the program counter to be incremented; it has no additional effects.


In addition, tltc How chart of the calculation subroutine is done in suffi- cient detail for comparison with its assembly-language listing, part of which is shown in Fig. These types of data are respectively best han- dled 1 by direct use of registers to hold the datashret iso- lated va. The operation code 4N is first fetched duung a memory read cycle.