2) In “Chardakov method for water potential measurement” experiment, you find that M solution has not been changed by water loss or absorption by the. Chardakov Technique. Plant Physiology. UNI. Incubating tissue in solution. Pre- incubation. Incubation. Post-incubation. Save for later measurement. Did solution change concentration? Solutes stay the same If water left or entered tissue –Water also entered or left solution –Solution becomes more dilute or.

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Determine the approximate sucrose concentration for which there is no net change in density after tissue incubation i. Periodically swirl the containers.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. What is the water potential calculated by this method? Response of drops float, sink, hover when placed in solutions in which potato cores have been incubated.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The solution gains or looses water depending on the water potential of the msthod.

Chardakov method Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples

Incubate the cores for 1. Which is more accurate? Record your data in Table 2. What is the water potential of potato tissue? Chhardakov in Weight final – initial g. If necessary, add more of the appropriate solution to completely submerge the cores but the final volume in each tube must be the same.


At this point, the water potential of the solution equals the water potential of the potato cores. Weigh two or preferably three cores, record your data in Table 2 and then place the cores in one of the test solutions.

Hypertonic Concentration with higher solute concentration and less water concentration Hypotonic lower solute concentration and more water concentration. Density changes can be observed by watching whether a drop of the original solution floats or sinks in the test solution after tissue incubation.

This is due to incipient plasmolysis that occurs at low solution water potential. Record your results Table 2 and repeat this procedure for each of the sucrose mmethod. Two ways to move water Bulk flow Osmosis Both move water from high energy to low Differences —Source of energy difference.

Chardakov method

Do the cores show various degrees of turgor? Put two or preferably three potato cores in each solution water or sucrose. In this method, tissue samples are weighed before and after incubation in a series of solutions of known osmotic water potential. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.


OK Any substance that can change shape or flow easily. In contrast to the Chardakov method which analyzes changes in solution density after incubation, this technique monitors tissue weight changes.

Does a gas differ from other fluids? Water potential values determined by this method may be slightly more negative than those obtained by the Chardokov method. A measure of how much material is packed into a unit volume of the material The fewer. Cut them to the same length ca. Osmosis diffusion of chardakovv through a selectively permeable membrane Membrane X is permeable to water but not to protein Which side has the highest concentration. Work quickly to minimize evaporation and keep the tissue wrapped in a moist towel.

What is the water potential of potato tissue?

We think you have liked this presentation. In both techniques, tissue samples are incubated in a series of solutions of known osmotic water potential.