Dungeon Crawl Classics 61*OP: Citadel of the Corruptor [Goodman Games] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a world of arcane magic. In a world of arcane magic and divine might, some secrets are best left hidden. When the forces of the wicked Mountain King discover an eldritch weapon of. Oct 10, Citadel of the Corruptor | Book cover and interior art for Dungeon Crawl Classics and Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game – DCC.

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Add tags Tags separate by space: While citadeel are a couple cases of brutes and soldiers that only have one option, most monsters feature enough powers to stay fresh for a single fight where they are one party of a diverse group, at least.

Dungeon Crawl Classics # Citadel of the Corruptor|Goodman Games Store

A macguffin you can tie to Fort Frostbite would probably be a better thr than what the text offers, and you can even ditch the irksome storm. Blood and madness are in store, for where Lord Ablair the Corruptor passes, death must surely follow.

Along the way, the players will encounter a couple of points that run counter to type, but nothing too jarring. None of the monsters presented here are really breathtaking or innovative. This is more of a nuisance than a problem when first going through the adventure, but if a key bit of information doesn’t stick in the DM’s mind, it could cause a lot of confusion and delay when playing.

Trivial skill checks are usually a waste of time, and when they aren’t they may screw over the players or, worse, bring the game to a grinding halt. Corruptod layout and print design is typical of the DCC line, which is to say that the typography is professional and solid, although the stat blocks could do with a little rethinking. More problematic is some of the editing.

Dungeon Crawl Classics #61: Citadel of the Corruptor

I supported because… “Auntie Olive underwrote my lazy butt and supported for me. The art by Doug Kovacs is interesting, distinctive and just a bit more ambitious than typical RPG line art. Reviews – Citadel of the Corruptor. Back cltadel reviews index. The DCC format does not leave room for a more “exploreable” environment, of course, so a certain amount of linearity is to be expected.


Dungeon Crawl Classics #61: Citadel of the Corruptor – PDF

Using the aforementioned magical storm to push characters into the fortress leaves a bad taste in my mouth, though. Actually, this is one area where publishers should turn back to the methods of older editions.

Better story hooks would serve just as well, and would give a nod to player agency, at least. The most amusing instance of this is a Winterclaw Owlbear dressed up as a tribal totem animal, never once using the word owlbear. I could see others liking it a lot. A couple of pieces are oddly placed relative to the part of the adventure they present, but overall they do a good job of presenting what’s going on in the adventure, including a two illustrations that are full-blown player handouts.

While it will not blow your doors off, and there are elements that bug me, it gets the job done.

In fact, the skill challenge is better than most that Wizards of the Coast have published, although WotC has started raising the bar again lately. Cittadel you go back and look at it having read the entire book, it’s not so bad, but there is a lot going on, and when I first read that section I was at a loss.

Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc. Unfortunately, the experience of the page is marred by a background illustration of a world map that reduces the page’s legibility a bit, distracts from the content, and makes the book look dirty and dreary.

This page does not exist. Following in the wake of bloody, madness-induced slaughter, can the heroes prevail where an army has perished? I found one section especially confusing at first. Follow the complete Mountain King adventure path! Please select a support frequency. Only the most cunning and courageous of heroes can triumph against the Citadel of the Corruptor! Fourth Edition… I would recommend it to DMs looking for an easy-to-run adventure, such as a one-shot game, DMs that have played and enjoyed the earlier installments of this adventure corrptor, or DMs without a lot of time corruptod with a macguffin in search of a home.

On top of that, the text admits that the first encounter is designed to keep the PCs trapped by draining resources they could use to fight the storm, too. More Information Edit History. The maps at the back of the book are not as good. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.


– Reviews – DCC Citadel of the Corruptor

No Coeruptor Links Found. The idea is to keep them indoors so they will investigate further. The best ones are above average, though, and offer a range of tactics, even if one of the better ones is lacking a deserved leader tag in its header, and another notable is relegated to the role of wandering monster.

The fact that the adventure’s denouement takes place in a more interesting location than its climax does is a little deflating, though. Related reviews on OgreCave: All of the read aloud text for a section is placed at the start of the section, which leaves elements dangling without sufficient context until the reader delves further into the section. About OgreCave and its staff Recent Ghe. Skill Based buy or gain skills. I also thought the decision to make operating a load-bearing crane an Arcana skill check a bit odd.

Tags separate by space: Idylls of the Rat King Goodman Games.

Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. At least DMs are advised to ham up his megalomania in best 70s comic book villain style. Learn Ictadel I supported because… “Auntie Olive underwrote my lazy butt and supported for me. Also, it can easily be adapted to a DM’s own ongoing plots.

I would recommend it to DMs looking for an easy-to-run adventure, such as a one-shot game, DMs that have played and enjoyed the earlier installments of this adventure path, or DMs without a lot of time and with a macguffin in search of a home.

Readers have to figure out context from previous sections, or by scanning handouts, later parts of the adventure, or even the maps. Corruptot not sure how this is supposed to work with a power that does not extend beyond melee range. There are a couple of headscratchers, too.