The Tzimisce are a clan of scholars and flesh-shapers. Contents[show] Overview If one were to described a Tzimisce as inhuman and sadistic, it would probably. Clan Tzimisce is a major villainous bloodline in the White Wolf Studio RPG Vampire: The Masquerade and its larger franchise, “The World Of Darkness”. One of. The Tzimisce are the most overtly monstrous and least pronounceable clan in Vampire: The Masquerade (Unless you are Greek, it’s the name.

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The aphorism that genius and madness lie close at hand was assuredly coined by a Lunatic wretch who wished to concoct an excuse for his infirmity. As with all Clans, the history of the Tzimisce is not entirely known, and often obscured by legends, misconceptions and outright fabrications by Tzmisce determined to conceal their darker secrets.


However, their secret was already known to the Tzimisce; as a whole, the clan was furious, and quickly set out to take revenge upon the Tremere for the insult they posed to the Fiends’ dignity. In a few mercifully rare instances, especially depraved Tzimisce like Sasha Vykos have been known to release their creations into the wilderness in order to serve as public dlan of the Clan’s power – sometimes even Embracing them to ensure that these object lessons last forever, as was the tzimiscr with the Midnight Circus ‘s Tub of Flesh and Mexico City’s Jaggedy Andy.

Regarding vampires as servants of tzijisce Wyrm, the Claj proved a thorn in the side of the Tzimisce throughout these early years; but despite their best efforts, the werewolves could not kill the Eldest, nor could they deter him from pursuing the force that had drawn him to Transylvania.

Eventually, the Eldest’s alliance with Kupala backfired when the Salubri Clan ventured into the Carpathians: Even the Blood Bond, more commonly used to ensure the loyalty of ghouls cclan Sabbat shovelheads, can be used to create extreme emotional connections with the victim, all for the sake of rendering any physical pain all the more horrendous for the sense of betrayal involved.

The Final Nights must surely be nigh. The Tzimisce fit very well into this idiom, for they are the ruling lords, the domineering masters who make such backbreaking and blood-draining demands of their subjects.

Vampire: The Dark Ages – CLAN TZIMISCE

Though he betrayed his grandsire, the Eldest has spared him so that he can serve as a witness to the Antediluvian’s final ascension, so that when Tzimisce becomes a god, Lambach will become his first and only worshiper tsimisce before he too is consumed.


With the Camarilla making inroads into territories that had once been the exclusive domain of the Tzimisce and Lasombra, the Sabbat needed to find new regions in which they could recover their strength – and eventually found it in the New World. With the discovery of Antediluvians prompting widespread unrest within the Camarilla and Kindred resorting to Diablerie in desperate attempts to hold off the Withering, players are encouraged by Pieterzoon to strike out on their tzimusce in pursuit of tzimisc objectives.

If this cannot be done or if their sires refuse it, the may rebel out of frustration, scheming against the Cainites who made them vampires to begin with. To this end, they will gladly distort their own bodies and those of countless innocent victims in pursuit of their own vampiric evolution; for this reason, the Tzimisce are widely feared in Kindred society to this day, and are often known as Fiends.

With his ascension having slipped through his fingers as a result of the Withering, he now requires vast quantities of human and vampire blood in order to enact the next stage of his masterplan: This would tzimlsce day be the fate of all vampires, the Eldest soon realized; nor was he the only one to hold this perspective: In this scenario, Gehenna is brought about through the direct intervention of the Antediluvians and their destruction of the Masquerade.

Nothing that need concern you, sweet guest! After millennia, the Eldest would be forced to gorge himself upon the vitae of fellow Kindred in order to survive, devouring their blood, power and souls through the forbidden act of Tzimlsce after that, only the life of his own progeny would suffice One of the thirteen major playable clans, the Tzimisce were among the founding members of the Sabbat, tzimsce contributed greatly towards the development of its brutal, tzkmisce anti-human philosophy; in the modern nights, they continue to serve the Sabbat as scholars, priests, scientists and torturers.

The cauldron in which the Ancients hope to cook a bloody tzimisde.

I don’t have CotR at home atm so I can’t dig deeper into Janek, but Guide to the High Clans mentions that the Tzimisce Koldun couldn’t agree on whether Koldunism was granted or stolen, if it stave of the infection of Kupala in the land or spread it more swiftly.

And the Kiasyd were originally reclusive vampires with only tangential ties to the Sabbat based on common lineage tzimissce the Lasombra, then then became full blown members.


The Tzimisce consider that torturing the mind can achieve the same, if not better results than torturing the body, so their mastery over Dominate is amazing too. Scholars still debate the precise cause: Now on the other side, Koldunism is implied to be mainly an Old Clan thing and exceedingly rare outside the Carpathians.

Thousands of human lives have been taken by my hands.

Determinedly clam and fiercely territorial by nature, to this day many Tzimisce claim a dominion as their forebears did and rarely ever leave except on official business – a habit exacerbated by their Clan weakness.

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Constantinople by Night is such a great book with a unique take on the Tzimisce there, so in a way it would be a shame not using it. The less Edgy and Grimdark of the Tzimisce. They’re objectively wrong about the history of their Clan, and are just old crazies that amount to basically nothing. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. I’m not certain if they meant they contracted the discipline or have a Tzimisce friend with the discipline, either way, they don’t have Vicissitude in their sheet, nor is there any mention that they used it.

However, by siding with Lilith, player characters can earn a reprieve from the Dark Mother: And like you say; the Children of the Dracon seem to be ok with the Antediluvian and Vicissitude but dislike Kupala and Koldunism, while members of a a sect that really don’t like the Antediluvian.

Tremere himself charged his followers with seeking a means of recovering their powers, but after countless human sacrifices, attempted deals with Infernal forces and many other failed experiments, the quest seemed fruitless.

It is around this time that the Clan weakness of soil-dependency struck. The Ventrue embody much that is noble about the Damned, and so, when the time to destroy them comes, we will allow them to die the long way, with honor. The Path of Metamorphosis see Vampire: It doesn’t make sense.

The Tzimisce is considered as the “soul” of the Sabbatas they are the spiritual leaders and the intellectuals of the sect. At the beginning of this scenario, the Withering not only weakens the potency of vampire xlan, but also debilitates members of the Clans in unique ways: Login or Sign Up Log in with.