The Tzimisce are a clan of scholars and flesh-shapers. Contents[show] Overview If one were to described a Tzimisce as inhuman and sadistic, it would probably. Clan Tzimisce is a major villainous bloodline in the White Wolf Studio RPG Vampire: The Masquerade and its larger franchise, “The World Of Darkness”. One of. The Tzimisce are the most overtly monstrous and least pronounceable clan in Vampire: The Masquerade (Unless you are Greek, it’s the name.

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The events of the Embrace itself are shrouded in myth, the most persistent of which claims that it occurred at the hands of a Second-Generation vampire known as Ynosh the Lawgiver: Again could be argue that the Giovanni should be able to learn Fortitude xlan an In-clan discipline.

For this reason, Tzimisce are well known for being infallibly courteous to anyone protected under the banner of hospitality: They also are the rulers of Eastern Europe.

Clan Tzimisce

Ahh – that noise! Polite, intelligent and inquisitive they seem a stark contrast to the howling Sabbat mobs or even the apparently more humane Brujah or Nosferatu. If one chooses improperly, one can at least uphold one’s error with dignity.

The scenario offers differing reasons for the Eldest eventually taking control, granting players the liberty of deciding which one to use: When the Deluge finally ended the City of Enoch, scattering the other Antediluvians and their nascent clans across the Earth, the Tzimisce profited greatly from their position in the mountains: Though he betrayed his grandsire, the Eldest has spared him so that he can serve as a witness to the Antediluvian’s final ascension, so that when Tzimisce becomes a god, Lambach will become his first and only worshiper – before he too is consumed.

But that’s ok, cause atleast they help our Bishops around sometimes.

Vampire: The Dark Ages – CLAN TZIMISCE

The Final Nights must surely be nigh. What resulted was the Omen War, a centuries-long conflict between the wizards of Clan Tremere and the entrenched forces of Clan Tzimisce. Eventually the Roman Empire fell, and as the Dark Ages tzimiscr, the Tzimisce entered what they described as “a golden age of progress and experimentation. Given their territoriality and dependence on their native soil, many elder Tzimisce were reluctant to leave tzimiisce havens in Eastern Europe; instead, it tzimiscce once again the younger Tzimisce that took the initiative, journeying across the seas to find new hunting grounds amidst the Thirteen Colonies.


The Vykos quote is, by the way, very ambiguous. Over the centuries, the Clan has developed the use of organic building materials in their domains, much of it still alive and sentient: This article’s content is marked as Mature. The Old Clan are descended from those who doubled down on their pact with Kupala rather than accept Caine’s judgement, and as such all suffer from the Ancestral Soil Dependence flaw, for their master keeps his pawns close.

Any Storyteller vlan do what they like tzimisfe the material, I for one tzimosce that fond of everyone-is-Vicissitude-is-Tzimisce, but there is really more to that story than one in-character opinion. I always understood that the blood of each clan conveyed somehow the connection to a discipline and that Each vampire from a clan, could easily be taught discipline from his clan, yet, take Mortis, which is the discipline imprinted into the Giovanni – Cappadocius blood that flows through their vein, the Giovanni discipline path would then be considered an out of clan discipline, it is similar yet alien to the Cappadocian blood.

Here, the Tzimisce Antediluvian does not reveal his hand until much later in the story, ultimately emerging as the true villain of Gehenna.

Even other vampires grow uneasy around these eerie Kindred, and the clan’s nickname of “Fiends” was given to it in nights past by horrified Kindred of other lines. The “lands beyond the forest” mean not just Transylvania, but all of the “uncivilized” world, where peasants still toil and lords still rule. Here, the Tzimisce plays an immediately evident role, for the incident yzimisce finally reveals the existence of vampires to mortal is prompted by the sudden awakening of the Eldest’s body under New York.

More disturbingly, Tzimisce have also harnessed Animalism for use in torture, mainly by summoning swarms of disgusting or dangerous creatures in order to menace their prisoners. Stranger still; they claj participate in Sabbat ritae they believe “koldun”. By contrast, Lambach Ruthven tells another story: United under tzimosce banner of the Blood-Breaker, the Tzimisce anarchs were able to cut a swathe through the ranks of their elders; eventually, with the help of Lambach Ruthven – clxn Voivode and grandchilde of the Eldest himself – they were able to track down their Antediluvian founder’s haven.

In the ensuing struggle, the younger Fiends destroyed many of their elders and demolished what was left of their power bases.


Thanks, but I got to ask for a page number as well. And while the highly moralistic Salubri frequently balked at the tortures inflicted on the vassals under Fiend dominion, the Tzimisce continued to extend their hospitality to the Unicorns for no other reason than to stymie the Tremere. Somewhat paradoxically, the Tzimice are at once trailblazing researchers and stolid traditionalists, for while they gladly push the boundaries of possibility in their experiments, they abide by a very strict code of conduct in social interactions: Their quote explains a lot:.

And lastly, was Tzimisce himself the one who developed Koldunic Sorcery? Nothing that need concern you, sweet guest!

coan Clan Tzimisce of the Victorian Age. Though primarily used by powerful low-generation Elders based in the ancestral homelands of Romania, it has recently gained adherents among some of the younger Tzimisce. In their adopted homelands of New England and South America, the estates of the Obertus family are home to colossal libraries of ancient texts, jealously guarded by every member of the bloodline.

Tzimisce | Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Meanwhile the Old Clan Tzimisce seem to be ok with Kupala and Koldunism, but dislike Vicissitude that’s not the alien virus some of their crazy brethren claim but the instead the tool of said Antediluvianwhile members of tzkmisce sect that really like the Antediluvian. They have a good understanding of both Thaumaturgy and science.

Last edited by Arcaneumkiller ; This quest eventually leads the player characters into an encounter with Tremere – now in the body of Goratrix – who claims that he will help them stop the Eldest if it means escaping assimilation.

Only New York remained in Sabbat hands; the rest of the Clan sought fresh territory in Canada, Mexico, and the American South, feasting upon the slave populations and remaking themselves as gods among the Native American tribes.

The nature of this creature remains uncertain: This penalty remains until she rests for a full day amid her earth once more. These Fiends pursue or at clwn study a philosophy known as Transcendence or Metamorphosis, and many conduct bizarre rituals and experiments to learn exactly what lies beyond and how to achieve it.