“If you already have comics in a digital format, Comic Zeal is simply the best way to read them on your iPad.” Comic Zeal is currently the best. Quick Look: Comic Zeal 8 for iPad | iPad Insight

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New features are tested well, but it’s very difficult to go back and test everything in an app, human nature is to focus just on what has changed. Usually manifested itself by the home page going out of order. Hi all, lots of bug fixes in this version and one little but often requested feature: Hi all, a lot of you thought there was too much white space in the list view.

Quick Look: Comic Zeal 8 for iPad

Developer Website App Support. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Hi all, do we have retina for you!

These should all be fixed now. Alternatives to Comic Zeal 2. My beta testers for Comic Zeal are great but they are volunteers and don’t go into every nook and cranny.

Comics with the same series metadata will continue to be put into that series, even if you move it around your collection. A prompt comes up on the iPad after the transfer completes, and I can upad the files kpad Comic Zeal with a single tap. I wish I was able to give a zero star rating but a one will have to do. Comiczdal can read more about it here: Hi all, First of all let me say sorry for the low quality of the initial 9. Some people were naming double page spreads by joining the numbers eg: To refresh your memory, if this option is turned on, whenever a comic is imported Comic Zeal tries to find the name of a series in the comic’s name.


If you bought Comic Zeal prior to the release of version 9 you continue to get access to all the older themes, if you buy it after you have to pay a little extra to get all the themes. I unzipped ipa, and the image files are.

It has to know if it should show you all the themes or not. Put series inside series, use dividers to manage long lists. Simply put, this app is amazing, looks and feels so smooth, sorting and organising is a breeze and the comiczal transfer is so easy and fast!

We couldn’t do that. Update for iPhone 5 screen size. You’d think it would ipzd well enough but unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t. We’ve put a lot of effort cmiczeal making the scrolling butter smooth too, we think you will all be happy with the results, even with the huge thumbnails it’s all VERY quick. Also, you can’t seem to use nested folders, which is a no-no with big collections. It was relatively fast, but it meant digging up my Lightning cable in order to sync with iTunes, and that little bit of extra effort would keep me from uploading comics very often.


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You can rename everything just by tapping on the name. Since what is not compatible? You can limit their scope to just the current series or divider. The unlock file is any file named ‘unlock. It yields much better results. Comic Finders are available as an In-App Purchase. Welcome to the new Comic Zeal!

It was last updated on There were a lot of huge changes and it was difficult to test.

Comic Zeal not importing comics (CBR) : ipad

Just a small change in this version. Please remember to leave a good review if you like the new features. You can now use any comiczezl these to import comics: The first dot is filled in as soon as you start reading the comic, the last dot is not filled in until you have finished the comic.

A big change is that to open a comic comicxeal have to tap on the thumbnail. Hi all, today we have a bug fix, a little change to the slider pop-up and a new way to put comics into the right series.

It’s not just an update to the look, it’s also an update to the philosophy.