Description. Limited edition of only hand numbered copies bound in stiff wraps, printed in two colors. London: Fulgur Limited, First Edition Thus. Results 1 – 7 of 7 Cosmic Meditation by Michael Bertiaux and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at [Michael Bertiaux, Robert Ansell] Cosmic Meditation. Uploaded by. Jimmy Ruiz. Bibliotbeque de Verseau No.1 Cosmic Meditation by MICHAEL BERTIAUX (FIYI.

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Modern psychology and psychiatry teach their patients to practise the techniques of awareness in order to integrate the personality and thus avoid internal mental breaks. It will never appear old-fashioned in any sense, for it is always modern and cur- rent, or contemporary and sometimes futuristic.

We know it as the realm where- in we meet our Spirit-Controls. For you are becoming more and more aware of the dimensions of being which are within your mind. The laws of meta- physics teach us that spiritual communication is based upon the presence of levels of mind, either within our conscious- ness or beyond and behind all manifestations and differences. Your country’s customs office can offer more details, or visit eBay’s page on international trade. Lovecraft and the teachings of Aiwass.

Now, you will begin to imagine yourself in an ancient Monastery of the Lamas, and you are walking down a long dark hallway. Your Spirit-Guide is such an expert in the unseen, and for that reason it is possible for him to serve as your guide in voyages to higher and even more remote worlds.

This is an unread copy, but there is some very minor soiling to fore edge of the pages – it does not affect the pages of text when opened. In each human being there are four different levels of Mind-presence and Mind-power. See terms – opens in a new window or tab. There isn’t any contradiction in Absolute Metaphysics between accepting the laws of ontologism and occasionalism and then saying that while we have intuition of all things we do not understand or comprehend all things.

Now the pathway to the back of the Tree of Life is through Kether, or the top of the universe, so that we climb up to the top and then we go down the back.

Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. By contrast, we see each outlook, each defined word, each revelation, each experience, as con- tinuing steps in the mystical pathway – leading on to that consciousness which is open and intuited in all mystical interpretations.

Cosmic Meditation by Michael Bertiaux

Not only that, but it can be said that everything positive in our universe has its negative coun- terpart. These four powers are the wonderful fruits of mental medi- umship which cosmjc from the use of deep meditation with and in the world of the spirits.


Yet, meditation is the method whereby the matter of spiritual understanding becomes part of your life, and so we realise that our position as a school of metaphysical wisdom must be set forth. Such a principle of exclusion is foreign to the world of spirit which is based entirely upon inclusion and entailment. As He grew more and more powerful and thus became a Loa, His work became more and more complex and it was then that other spirits came to take charge of the routine work, while He continued to work as both the god and the vudu computer of the group.

This means, furthermore, that all power in the universe resides in the Divine Presence, which is The Absolute Mind in the One that is all.

Now, each member of the group already had a spirit guide, and had developed deep attachment and intimate relations with these beings from the other side. After all, the Divine Mind knows that we have a life to live in the physical world, and we are to do so without turning away from it. This enlightenment is that in meditatoin silence of cosmic con- sciousness, we realise that there is no human mind, there is only Absolute Spirit, for what does not exist – i.

You will seek to realise your Spirit-Control’s presence by means of the daily practice of the silence as the simplest form of meditation. We are still able to do these things and make the metaphysi- cal voyages, which add to man’s understanding of the possi- bilities of his experience, for it is always a matter of simply wanting to do this.

All has been transcended and all has been realised beyond that transcending of selfhood, for the all is one, bsrtiaux we, the ‘we’ of individual existence, through the practice of the silence, have been taken up into the realisation that: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

For this reason we do not talk about what other schools of mediumship seem to concern them- selves with, for we know the dangers and we wish to be very clear about what is to be understood as mediumship and what is to be avoided as a form of false mediumship or cossmic development. All good Spirits come in. This is our position exactly, except that we are showing in these lessons the secrets of the universe, which make for the quick and easy development of that extended awareness of all things.

Long considered by occultists one of the underground classics of 20th century occultism, the book was out Michael Paul Bertiaux born January 18, is an American occultist and Old Catholic Bishop, known for his book Voudon Gnostic Workbooka page compendium of various occult lessons and meditagion papers spanning the sub-fields of Voodoo, Neo-Pythagoreanism, Thelema and Gnosticism. He was naturally pleased.

These laws are pure laws of metaphysical logic, sometimes called God; although the truest name of God is The Absolute, for only The Absolute is beyond and behind all things.

Cosmic Meditation

Other offers may also be available. This means that the power for telepathy and mental mediumship comes from the fact that the universe is entirely Mind and that Mind-power is the essential power behind everything in existence. Our own universe is composed of various levels of being, as are the alternative universes, except betiaux at the physical level their matter is understood as ‘anti-matter,’ which is the way they would, from their point of view, regard our own matter.


Ryan Viami marked it as to-read Jul 25, Youwill take any thought in your mind and follow it into The Absolute, like the man who repeats the same word over and over and over many millions of times.

I think this is true because the spirits have just touched me in a warm gesture of approval, so I know that they are in accord with what I am writing. We have to realise that here in the physical body we are subject to many stresses and strains. In other words, spirit will realise only those things which are properly individualised and included in its essence as part of its becoming One.

Michael Bertiaux Chicago, Septe”,”e. The first thing that is experienced by thought in its voyage beyond the senses is the world of Divine Mind, or the Cosmic Computer. The power to understand the most secret and the most hidden of all esoteric arts and sciences is given by the spirits to the faithful medium. The reason I give for this is that the level of deep meditation is still rooted in the archaic images and archetypal ideas of our past lifetimes and ancestry on this globe.

Hail to the glories of the air, to the kings of the four winds, to the regents of the four elements, to the lords and spirits of all nature. Dawn von Nagy rated it it was amazing Jan 25, In our understanding of the world of spirit we have come to the view that everything in the world is one kind of being.

But what had I done?

Cosmic Meditation – Michael Bertiaux – Google Books

This means betiaux you will concentrate upon thinking clearly about the inner worlds and making your own mind so sym- pathetic to these inner worlds that anything which comes to happen to the inner mind does have its impact upon your attention. He was not a god in any sense, except in the sense that all beings are divine, and he would not be considered a master or adept.

It can be said, for the spiritists, that it involves the universe as a community or continuum of spiritual beings.