WARFARE. Theory and Practice. David Galula. Foreword by John A. Nagl. PSI Classics of the Counterinsurgency Era. Praeger Security International. Westport. Summary of Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice By David Galula Summary written by Brett Reeder, Conflict Research Consortium Citation: Galula, . Counterinsurgency Warfare. Theory and Practice. by David Galula. This book examines the strategy and means to defeat insurgents or guerrilla movements.

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This book is still in force despite having been written in the I’m actually surprised. Dec 12, Ayushman rated it it was amazing.

Most importantly, if the counter vounterinsurgency wants to win the conflict, an alternative competing political platform must be provided or a current one reinforced for the population to choose. The soldier must then be prepared to become a propagandist, a social worker, a civil engineer, a schoolteacher, a nurse, a boy scout.

Summary of “Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice” | Beyond Intractability

The book is well written and informative, but military theory isolated from particular wars and situations comes across as generic and too lacking in detail. David Galula — was a French military officer and talula who was influential in developing the theory and practice of counterinsurgency warfare.

Despite being a rather slim volume consisting of only pages, and reflecting upon a short time-span of counterinsurgency dating from the end of WWII to the early 60s, this is counterisnurgency concisely-written book that can either be scoured in a day or contemplated in a week. Feb 03, Matt Danner rated it really liked it. It is still considered by many to be the “Bible” of counterinsurgency warfare.


Winning Over or Suppressing the Last Guerrillas. There he continued his warm relationship with Jacques Guillermazan officer from an old French military family with whom he had served in France. Skip to main content. Test those authorities by assigning them various concrete tasks. Rather, action should be taken in select areas, and resources moved as needed. It was short and Davjd was going to whip thru it. While the book is primarily concerned with insurgency, it often refers to both revolutions and plots as well.

The United States faces very different enemies today. Although this was written about 60 years ago, there are many parallels with the current situation in Iraq. Why I finished it: The “Laws” According to Galula, there are four “laws” of counterinsurgency. Galula served as a French military officer in WWII asd afterwords in various outposts of unrest through the cold war, culminating in Algeria during the French army Books by David Galula. It’s amazing how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Summary of “Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice”

One of the authentic and detailed exposition on the nature and cause of insurgency. Revolutionary War Is a Protracted War.

While important in “cold” insurgencies, this is the primary activity of counterinsurgents in “hot” insurgencies. Reading it, so much of what Galula talks about wxrfare so obvious now, but that only stands as evidence of how seminal a book it is in the field. If he lies, cheats, exaggerates, and does not prove, he may achieve some temporary successes, but at the price of being discredited for good.


Strengthening the Political Machine. Beyond Intractability in Context Blog Links to quality news, opinion pieces, and reports that explain the intractable conflict problem and highlight successful responses. In addition, I have read many other books on this subject over the last couple of decades.

Counterinsurgency “in the Cold” As long as an insurgency’s activities remain “on the whole legal and nonviolent,” p 43 the insurgency is referred to as “cold”. Dec 17, Jordan Balsamo rated it liked it.

For him, propaganda can be no more than a secondary weapon, valuable only if intended to inform and not to fool.

Conuterinsurgency potentially quite effective, such action can backfire and anger the general population. Oct 18, prakash tripathi rated it it was amazing. Written in the style of an army-guide, its insights are so basic to our modern understanding of counterinsurgency that it is difficult to see what the fuss is about. Vulnerability of the Insurgent in the Orthodox Pattern.

Counterinsurgency Warfare

But only for as counterinsurgenc as he cannot be replaced, for it is better to entrust civilian tasks to civilians. The difficult task is to establish a well thought out doctrine that all levels of leadership must understand and fully embrace. Amazingly relevant today as when it was first published.