Creative and Mental Growth, 3rd Edition [Viktor Lowenfeld] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Creative and Mental Growth has 48 ratings and 1 review. Children are the essence of this book, but more than that, they are the essence of society. Creat. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Creative and mental growth / [by]Viktor Lowenfeld | Incluye bibliografía }.

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From the Publisher Children are the essence of this book, but more than that, they are the essence of society. What are the secondary colors? This all de- pends on individual needs.

Without question, one of the prime objectives of any art program is the development of individuals who are creative thinkers. Probably the best-known attribute of a creative person is originality.

This is a way of viewing children, art making, and the creative process that will vikto anyone who reads it. They have introduced a false set of values, which neglect the innermost needs of an individual. Problems in human relations, growing populations, international understandings, and the problems resulting from rapid tech- nological change make it imperative that the development of creativity becomes one of the most important considerations voktor our educational sys- tem.

On the contrary, frowth might for the moment deprive him of the security he obviously found in such repetitive statements.

The child sees the world diflferently from the way he draws it.

Approaches to Art Therapy. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. For Johnny the apple lowefneld in the yard may have big apples because he has been watching them grow. It is to be hoped that neither of us would end our appreciative experience there, but we would nonetheless begin there.


Full text of “Creative and mental growth”

The best game with poor attendance may have little excitement. Lowwnfeld of all it is important for this world The Importance of Creative Activity in Elementary Education 45 that educators realize that our abiHty to identify with our work and the needs of our neighbors may ultimately be responsible for our survival.

Research studies have shown that a close relationship exists between reading achievement and creative expression. Thus a technique develops The Importance of Creative Activity in Elementary Education 35 according to the individual’s own needs. Lowenfeld in recent years which helped me to get a truer feeling for changes that he would have made. As has been said before, the single elements lose their identity in total integration.

Creative and Mental Growth

A Framework for Using Art in Therapy. Thus, it becomes essential that he study the needs of a scribbling child. Although it is commonly agreed that experimentation that may be harmful to physical growth is dangerous, we do not apply the same caution when we deal with the child’s mental or emotional growth.

First of all, when he begins he must think of “something. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

By trying to identify with the intentions of the artist, we shall come closer to the under- standing and appreciation of his work. The simultaneous use of many different kinds of materials that fit the child’s needs is of advantage because it exposes the child to the variety of procedures and makes him sensitive to various possibilities. While the kitchen is the room into which the “modern age” has pene- trated, the living room is usually filled with assembly line patterns of outdated pseudostyled furniture.


In order to relive or appreciate his intentions, we have to put ourselves into the situation of the creator. He may find out that this child lacks freedom in his motions because he has been continually discouraged or has not been given an opportunity to experience his freedom in his motor activity.

While the new look of our scientific buildings gives evidence of their living character, our educational buildings, especially those of higher learning, usually reflect The Importance of Creative Activity in Elementary Education 49 the past, in an irresponsible adherence to an environment to which the youth of today has no relationship.

To go even further with the self-identification, the teacher should realize that the motions the child is making are for the child different in size from the way they appear to him. Focus- ing upon the child, however, makes the creative process extremely im- The Meaning of Art for Education 11 portant, not only to the potential artist but to every child, regardless of how or in what profession this creativity will be utilized. Both design and subject matter remain isolated.

These principles refer to the preparation of the plate, the acid used for etching, the control of the process of etching, printing process, and so forth.