CS Computer graphics lecture notes ANNA UNIVERSITY CS Computer graphics lecture notes CSE 6TH SEMESTER. computer graphics. Uploaded by. Saravanan Nallusamy. Cg Unit 1 5 Notes. Uploaded by. YeshvanthYesh. CS Computer Graphics UNIT I Notes. Uploaded. CS Computer Graphics. Unit -I. UNIT I – 2D PRIMITIVES Output primitives Line, Circle and Ellipse drawing algorithms – Attributes of output primitives Two.

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What do you mean by view plane? How to represent an object on 3D scene? What is meant by aliasing?


Explain the concept of hidden line removal. Explain in c2s401 about DDAline algorithm. What is viewing transformation? Then after the vertical retrace, the beam sweeps out the remaining scan lines.

The artist uses a combination of 3D modeling packages, texture mapping, drawing programs and CAD software. What do you mean by emissive and non-emissive displays? Simulation and Training 5. What do you mean compufer shading of objects?

One phosphor dot emits a red light, another emits green light and the last one emits a blue light.

CS Computer graphics lecture notes | for cse dpt – VII semester | – by han

What are the steps involved in 3D transformation? What is clipping and clip window. Design a storyboard layout and accompanying key frames for an animation 16 3. What are keyframe systems? Or we can say that graphics is the representation and manipulation of image data by computer with the help from specialized software and hardware. notees


SCAD Engineering College – Lecture Notes – CSE

Computer graphic methods are widely used in both fine are and commercial are applications. Education and Presentation 6. Newer Post Older Post Home. What is the minimum amount of video RAM that the computer must have tosupport the above-mentioned resolution and number of colors? Impact printers press formed character faces against an inked ribbon on to the paper. This technique is used in raster scan display devices.

Find the value of Theta. List some 3D viewing devices. The original coordinates of the block are given relative to the global xyz axis system. This code is computrr as scan code.

Write short notes on color and grayscale level. What are the disadvantages of DDA algorithm?

Explain how to add texture to faces 8. Dividing this value by 8 yields an answer of 1, bytes. Question-4 Write the difference between vector and raster graphics?

Explain Depth sorting method. What is a shadow? Explain Back face detection method and Depth buffer method.

It is used to produce illustrations for reports or to generate slide for with projections. Because eight bits constitute a byte, frame-bu ffer sizes of the systems are as follows: Picture definition is stored in a memory area called the refresh buffer or frame buffer.


Raster or Bitmap images are resolution dependent because of this its not possible to increase or decrease their size without sacrificing on image quality. To make a particular window active we simply click in that window using an interactive pointing device. Differentiate between Raster and Vector graphics. It is an art of drawing pictures, lines.

Question-3 What are the raster and vector graphics? Explain the merits and demerits of DVST. Calculate the vertices after applying a transformation matrix to double the size of polygon with point A located on the same place. Write the important applications of computer graphic? Explain the merits and demerits of Plasma panel display.

Computer Graphics Lecture Notes Pdf Free

What does it mean by RGB? A very fast electron beam penetrates trough the red layer and compkter excites the green layer. Explain in detail about color CRT monitors. This number is butwhich implies that 16 bits are being used to represent the color of each pixel on the display.