Any idea where I can get a look at the manual, or at least the “Get Started” manual for the Cybook Opus please? I bought one at a very good. Bookeen. All rights reserved. Q.2 About this Manual This manual contains comprehensive information about your Cybook Opus to help you operate. About this Manual This manual contains comprehensive information about your Cybook Opus to help you operate the device. Throughout the manual, the.

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Resetting your Cybook Opus is similar to restarting your desktop computer.

Cybook Opus. User’s Guide – PDF

Switch off the Cybook Opus when not in use, even for short periods of time. Step back in history navigation. It can be a book, a newspaper, an RSS feed, etc. Explanation of the Status Icons If the final version of this product has any differences from the description of. Uw handleiding is per email verstuurd.

The pageometer is a progress bar which indicates the progression of your reading. This high-tech holiday greeting allows you to send anyone a slideshow of your favorite photos in.

Gives the product number and hardware version of your Cybook Opus. U krijgt dan ook andere vragen en antwoorden te zien. The first page may be a cover page. Books for the Cybook Opus are available in two formats: Table of Contents Basic Introduction If you add a new ebook file to this folder, it will cbook in the library cyhook.


The footer areas can be hidden or shown via one option of contextual menu.

Do not subject your Cybook Opus to sudden and severe temperature changes. You can add a new image in this folder.

Lenovo Miix 2 10 User Guide Read the safety notices and important tips in the included manuals ops using your computer. The Cybook Opus is now completely stopped. We cannot be held liable for any problems. You can also organize your ebooks into a opua library. The battery and the reset hole are located in the back of the unit behind a removable sliding part of the external housing. An ebook entry can be identified by activating the Show File Formats option of the Library contextual menu.

If this option is activated, some pictures might not be shown. The final product configuration depends on the model at the point. Active Personal Programmer G5 Instruction manual and user s guide Mankal manual explains features and provides basic information about how to set up and operate the Active Personal Programmer Tool, including.

Please read carefully and follow all warnings and instructions in More information.


Handleiding Bookeen Cybook Opus (pagina 1 van 36) (English)

No screws are needed to manua this compartment. Under no circumstances More information. The latest on Cybook Opus device: Touching the screen with your fingers will leave a trace of natural oil that may alter on screen reading comfort.

This manual contains important safety information and operation instructions, so please read all More information. Model supported by the KX printer driver.

How to display a contextual menu? Certain formats don t allow the text reflow.

Bookeen Cybook Opus Manuals

The preferred formats are epub. Text set off in this manner identifies important information that, if not followed, may result in loss of data or damage to your device. Different choices will then be available:.

Intel Inside is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U. Be careful not to get sand or dirt inside your Cybook Opus. Start display at page:. You can add files to these folders in order to add content to your Cybook internal memory. With your Tablet PC you will be.