D Datasheet: NPN Triple Diffused Planar Silicon Transistor, D PDF Download SANYO -> Panasonic, D Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet. D Datasheet – NPN Transistor for Color TV – Sanyo, 2SD pdf, D pinout, D manual, D schematic, D equivalent. 2SD Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SD Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics.

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BoxAlbuquerque, NM Contact: Because of huge variations in Transistor and Thyristor part s, Transistors and Thyristors are listed in order of their base ddatasheet s, so your first search for a part should be by its base part e. We datasheeh many electronic parts by more than one name and name variation e.

There are many equivalent electronic parts – if you can’t find your exact electronic parts, search for the part’s function and functional variations e. If you still can’t find your datasheft parts, try by other name and part variations. For Transistors and Thyristors, the main specs to look for is based on the base partlook for these specifications from the electronic part’s dtasheet, and then find electronic parts with matching critical datasheet specs usually, not all specs are critical.

There are 10,s of different transistor and thyristor part s, and you can dataasheet always substitute transistors and thyristors with different electronic part s as long as the critical specs of the substitute electronic parts are as good dayasheet better than the replaced electronic parts. For datasheets for integrated circuits, transistors, rectifiers, diodes, and most other electronic parts, we recommend the following great electronic parts database websites: Electronic design tutorials, electronic applications, specific circuit designs and even patent data can be found using Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Unless otherwise indicated, all items described on this webpage are new old stock NOS and never used. We often buy and trade for new electronic parts, electronic test equipment, and other items of the types described herein, preferably in larger quantities, some which we set aside for our own electronic laboratory, shop and other inventories and some we resell herein.

Should you have items to sell or trade of these types, please let us know via email.

All small parts and materials we acquire for resale herein must be new, but we often buy datashedt trade for used large parts, tools, equipment and books in very good conditions, which we describe as “used” for those we resell.

Please email us please don’t call as we are often in our labsuse email Subject: Unlike many Online stores, our goal is to always provide you clear and correct item images, and accurate and reasonably complete item descriptions. While images usually help, most of the items we sell are already well known. If any of our descriptions or images are missing, incomplete or inaccurate and this affects your purchase decision, please email us please don’t phone; put “Need Better Info for Item” in email Subject Line so we can make reasonable corrections.

Many of our images of electrical and electronic hardware do not show dataseet of the leads or cabling which the actual items have so that we can provide bigger and clearer images of the body of the items to better show part numbers, labeling, features and cosmetic conditions.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise on this webpage, all applicable Techzonics organization policies are found at: We ship within 2 work days after full payment clearance period from day of deposit. We are not responsible for adtasheet sent in the mails, so conceal well.

  FRN1.5C1S 2J PDF

Williams ” due to fact that using MTS to pay to a business name is usually a major hassle. While almost all MTS arrive here within an hour, a few may take days. Do a PP “Send Money” to: Who doesn’t want to save cash these days!

We do accept Items of Trade. By doing Items For Trade, you save money and get rid of good Item s you need less than Items we offer.

Prior explicit s1879 from us is required before you ship to us any Item for trade. If interested, email us wizguruput in email Subject Line: Please do NOT phone us about Items of trade.

If interested we will email you back with conditional acceptance or a counteroffer. Once your trade Items arrive here, we will examine them, which usually takes days. We do not want old TVs,VCRs, home systems, computers, monitors or peripherals or big, heavy items, and all items must be clean and safe to ship and handle. Again, don’t ship us anything until daatsheet receive our written explicit approval to do so.

No credit cards, CODs, partial payments, postdated payments, “on approvals” or any other types of payments or shipment not explicitly OKed herein or by us in writing prior to payment.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse any order, form of payment, or buyer-imposed sale or shipping conditions without liability to us. For our good buyers: We are more flexible in types of payments and shipping conditions. Some items may be restricted by government regulations for export, and Buyers assume all liability for the legality of our shipments to them and their purchases, possessions and uses of the items we ship to them.

Prices datzsheet stated below Item Description. We determined Item price based on prices of similar items found Online and in stores.

D Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Datasheey cases of no clear Online or store price consensus, other sources were used. If our price is too high for any item we sell, we will seriously consider reducing our price – especially if you document that others are selling this same or equivalent item at lower prices in the quantity you need – our goal is to beat our competitors! For many items, we are not limited to the quantities shown – should you need more and we have what you need available, we will seriously consider your offer.

We datashfet some Items in much larger quantities than offered above as usually stated in Item description.

We will seriously consider underselling all other major sellers of the same items. We are your perfect one-stop-shopping Super Store for high-tech parts to fill your parts lists!

All foreign Shipping is by Air Mail. We will not charge shipping to Buyer’s shipper account. All Items which are electrostatically sensitive e. Thanks for visiting our ABQ Techzonics website. New old stock NOS.

Great for audio e. Sale is for one 1 2N Germanium Transistor power transistor. Great for repairing old music boxes. Great transistor collectible and music collectible. Order by Title below image – Email us your order. We sampled these, and found their ratings to be: Its solderable tabs are really great!

They permit not only a more solid electrical connection but also a solid mechanical anchoring plus some heat dissipation of the circuit board itself. We have also used these to provide great heatsinking for TO-3 transistors and ICs by punching a hole just slightly less than the diameter of the TO-3 part head, then pressfitting the heatsink onto the TO-3 part head.


These versatile TO heatsinks can also be used directly or easily modified to fit similar-looking electronic device packages, and even for discretes e. The TO is the most common electronic device package used for power transistors, thyristors, rectifiers, voltage regulators, ICs, etc. New fine, very high quality mica wafers. Originally made and still widely used for insulating T body type transistors, rectifiers, thyristors, et al, especially high-voltage or hot-operating e.

For TO-3 transistor use, each transistor requires stand-offs for TO3 uses, both the mica and the standoffs are used to electrically insulate the electronic component from the aluminum heatsink.

Popularly used for decorations, crafts, art, jewelry often used with quartz crystals, turquoise, coral, opal, other gemstones and precious metals especially for necklaces, bracelets, ankletscostumes, New Age, radionics, naturopathy, holistic, magic, body piercing, and hobbyist uses.

And for various uses in electronics, physics and the sciences great for science projects and physics projects, and for science fairs, especially for mounting transistors, rectifiers and other electronic components using T packaging, capacitors, crystal devices, and high-voltage and high-temperature uses.

Very smooth, clear, transparent when viewed straight on and reflective when viewed at an oblique angle mica – not that rough, yellowish, translucent, furry stuff you might get from other sources! The stand-off beads are high temperature plastic washers with a “skirt” and are decorative for many crafts and jewelry bead uses such as necklaces, bracelets and anklets.

They are also used to electrically and thermally isolate and insulate any part that is screw-attached to another part e.

Datasheet archive on 6-10-2011

Rated 1,V 1KV2. Datasyeet about your electronics being destroyed by an EMP? Rated at volts, 20 Amps, with minimum hFE of Ideal for many applications. Shipped in antistatic tube. Max DC current gain is 18, 2, typical. Silicon Bipolar Darlington Complementary Transistors.

D datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

DC Current Gain is Excellent high-voltage NPN transistors for many high-voltage transistor applications. Excellent high-voltage NPN transistors for many high-voltage transistor applications. NDSN shipped on reel tape.

IRFTR shipped on antistatic reel tape. New old stock NOS transistors. These high voltage volt, 5. IRF Transistors shipped in antistatic tubes. This transistor has so many electronic applications from power to audio to ultrasonic. P10NB20 shipped in antistatic tube or foam. The IRF is popularly applied for switching regulators, switching converters, motor drives, switching relays, and drivers for high-power bipolar switching d8179.

IRF shipped in antistatic tube or foam. New old stock NOST package. Shipped in antistatic tube or foam. Parts will be peeled datasheft of the shown reel intact in its antistatic reel r1879. Please note that we store and ship our FET-type parts e. Bandwidth is to about 1 MHz. The CD has very useful fundamental building blocks for numerous analog and darasheet applications.

In fact, a major California university bought of these CD ICs from us for its electronics laboratory as an electronics teaching tool. Shipped in antistatic tubes. Very popular NPN signal transistor widely used in electronic circuits.