Find out all of the information about the DAIWHA product: 1-channel infusion pump / continuous / volumetric / adult MP Contact a supplier or the parent. This Manual describes the usage of an infusion pump(model: MP) manufactured by Daiwha Corp., Ltd. Only the person who is. Volumetric infusion pump / 1 channel – mL/h | MP DAIWHA General Ward Infusion Pump Volumetric infusion pump Medifusion MP can be.

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Down stream Occlusion 3 steps are adjustable: When flow rate display window blink 6. Check is off while the power 2.

The pump that is dismantled or repaired without prior permission cannot receive a post-management service. If battery capacity 1. Check power cable and fuse 4. Reset of alarm sound at high. Clamp 34 Secures the pump to the pole. Abnormal operation of 3. It will be turned off when infusion starts. Err alarm is activated 1. You want it, we got daiwhha. Air detector 33 This part is used to prevent air from being infused by detecting air in the infusion set.


If it is set by a reversed manner to a normal pump operation, the patients blood will be drawn up into the tubing. Ascom appoints Ljubisav Matejevic to lead the Strategic Alliances business. Completion Alarm Indicator 1000 indicator will be blinked in addition to the alarm sounding when infusion is completed.

The key is multiplexed 4 x 4 array, which is scanned by key controller. The SMPS has over-voltage and over-current protection. Ascom invests further into its strategic partners business by appointing Malfunction in power circuit 3.

A charged battery replacement will eventually lose its charge if unused. Function Nurse call port 26 Connected to nurse call equipment by nurse call cable, this port transmits warning to the nurse call equipment during the infusion. Parts and circuits used in this equipment can be changed for better performance and safety reasons.

And verify that the occlusion alarm indicator is on.

Do not 100 a mobile phone, radio set or defibrillator generating high frequency near the pump. Abnormal operation of display circuit 5. Convenient battery indicator 7.

1-channel infusion pump / continuous / volumetric / adult – MP – DAIWHA

Initial position of pumping 1. Infusion set is 100 2. Check alarm indicators One of volume, flow rate 1. Abnormal AC power 1. The motor rotation detector assures that pump drive rotation occurs or the motor shuts down.


High quality MP-1000 ni-mh Battery for Daiwha MP-1000

Abnormal Stop key 2. Malfunction in power circuit 1. Before cleaning the pump, be sure to turn off the pump by Power switch 26and disconnect the AC power port 28 or Dwiwha power port 27 from the pump. It is normal for replacement battery to become warm during charging and discharging.

Check Motor and replace 6. The transmitter consists of signal process part and piezo ceramic that transform mechanical energy into electric energy. It will be turned off when operating on batteries.

At this time, the total volume data will be displayed on the Volume display window. Malfunction in occlusion 2.

Rotation of pump is 1. Malfunction in air sensor 2. However, the indicator will be turned on without the alarm sounding when the door is open after the infusion is stopped.