Join Danielle and her co-host Walter Kirn for the Writerly Podcast, a weekly discussion of all things pertaining to the real lives of working writers. Download the. Or at least that’s the alarming state of affairs at the heart of Danielle Trussoni’s best-selling novel, “Angelology.” Called Nephilim, these. Note: There are some very small spoilers for Book One (plus a whited-out section with a bigger, but not the biggest spoiler), and no spoilers for.

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And yet I’m sure there will be at least hundreds of people that like it. While a supernatural and metaphysical thriller filled with evocative and decadent details of its environment; still, Angelopolis maintains for the reader that most important and unifying link between reader and read: He’s still in love with her, and has to decide whether to kill her or not.

As the story progresses we learn how the history of the Nephilim became interwoven eanielle the myth of Orpheus, among other myths; all of these stories are purported in the book to have had a basis in fact. To view it, click here. The beauty of Angelopolis like Angelology is in the romance that binds and intertwines Verlaine to Evangeline and Evangeline to Verlaine.

But it was to no avail – the more I read of Angelopolis, the more bemused I got. Trussoni has clearly done her research on ancient traditions and histories and her interweaving of her own angelic mythology into our real history is clever and satisfying.


This is an age old fight that only appears to be heating up.

Angelopolis (Angelology, #2) by Danielle Trussoni

It’s really bizarre how helter skelter the story feels. Angelopolis Angelopolis takes wing and soars with great gusto through the skies of vivid imagination buffeted by the winds of a thrilling tale.

Open Preview See a Problem? I read an except this morning of Angelopolis The Bible refers to them as “Sons of God” Genesis 6: The storyline is convoluted, choppy, new characters are introduced, then dropped like hot potato, they advance the plot somehow, and we never hear of them again; the writing is really clumsy, virtually everyone in the book speaks in exactly same, wooden, “let me give you a lectu I was waiting for this book; Angelology, although not without faults, had an interesting premise, more-or-less coherent storyline and danie,le cliff-hanger; I was curious “what’s next”.

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I liked that he had angelic help. Each and every one of us will have to exercise extreme patience in order to wait for Book III. It is an entertaining mix of action and conspiracy but it doesn’t quite come together in the end. I much preferred this book to the first in the series.

You know, facts that are wrong or sentences that make no sense or things that are mentioned once but later seem to be forgotten completely, even if they had something to do with the plot supposedly However, the ending confused me.

I watched a mini-series about the Nephilim about 2 years ago, and have been fascinated with them since then. These are moments to be taken advantage trussonni in character development, but instead, Trussoni simply moves forward.


Spanning from the district of Paris to the Siberian tundra, through the imperial palaces of St. Interesting lectures, yes, but it left little room for the characters to develop, grow or reveal meaningful relationships. I will read the third novel, but I am trssoni really looking daniells to it in the same way that I thought I would have after finishing the first book.

Description is swapped out for massive info-dumps on historical events only vaguely relevant to the plot origins of a helicopter, the only purpose of which is to fly the characters from one place to another, anyone? A mess of a book danuelle doesn’t do justice to the richly imaginative world that Trussoni created in her first novel.

For another richly imagined world with a far more satisfying story, Dreams and Shadows by C Robert Cargill is a fabulous read. Aug 05, Daniells rated it did not like it Shelves: That felt like it could have happened. The angelologists are in locations across he globe doing their very best to stop the dark angel groups one by one.

The Watchers are still captured and in the safest place possible for the humans who walk the earth. Angelopoliw is not the same objection Jim had in the whited-out section, above, but it is sort of a mirror image!