The SECURICAM NetworkTM DCS Network Camera is a full featured surveillance system that connects to an. Ethernet, Fast Ethernet or broadband. Dlink DCSG User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Dlink DCSG router. Other Dlink DCSG Guides. Other Dlink DCSG Guides. Login to Dlink DCSG Router · Change your Dlink DCSG IP Address · Download Manuals for Dlink DCSG.

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You must set it to the directory that contains the surveillance database to make the program to work properly. To access from a computer on your local home network, simply enter the local IP Address of the Camera followed by a colon and the port number e. That’s all there is to it, just click the green Apply checkmark at the bottom of the page before you exit.

Using IP surveillance Software continued Scheduling continued There are three modes in the secondary schedule: Click on the Log button to access a system log of system activity from the Status menu. This section discusses the local settings for the connection and the functional configuration of each camera.

These include the video database directory, the usage of the Hard disk, and options for video display.

You should almost fcs-5300g pick WPA2 for your networks encryption. The change password dialog looks like this: There are four main areasi.

D-Link IP Camera DCS-2120 User Manual

To install into a different folder, click Browse and select another folder. Page 48 Vertically rotate the video. Change the configuration settings only if necessary. The input area of the dialog will be grayed disabled for 60 seconds after 3 consecutive failures. Furthermore, installing the wrong D-Link drivers can make these problems even worse. Using IP surveillance Software continued Playback Program continued Pull Bar The pull bar is a fast, flexible control for seeking data in the selected time period.


Download Manual for the Dlink DCSG

Horizontally rotate the video. Run your Internet Explorer Web browser. The Layout And Functionalities Using IP surveillance Software continued Scheduling continued The scheduler will not be accessible until at least one camera has been added to the camera list. However, scs-5300g have the option of using an external microphone by plugging it into the microphone connector. It is also used in the encryption method.

Stop Alert Sound If an alert is triggered, the alert sound will start to play. Check both flip and mirror if the DCSG is to be installed upside down.

The first thing you should change is the SSID. Please keep in mind the overall performance of the transmission speed will slow down when many users are logged on. Part 1 The first part of the scheduler is the video channel selection area. Installation Wizard Screen Root password for the camera. Vertically rotate the video. Dsc-5300g camera is now automatically configured ,anual an IP address consistent to the device it is connected to.

Wireless internet camera with 3g mobile video support pages. Contacting Technical Support You can find software updates and user documentation on the D-Link website. Clicking on any part of the image will cause the camera to reposition itself so that the dce-5300g will be the center of the image. Don’t have an account? There are six kinds of layouts: Configuring Your Camera with the Installation Wizard continued After the settings have been dcs-530g, the Done button will appear.


Click on the printer icon to print the current image to your default printer. The timestamp is captured from the date and time of the DCSG and is maintained by a built-in real-time clock. D-Link will only replace the defective portion of the Product and will not ship back any accessories.

Note that the cursor will change according to the area in order to indicate whether the area is droppable or not.

This is the name you give your local network you cds-5300g creating. The content of the log file reveals useful information about the current configuration and connection logged after the DCSG boots up.

Each of these are described in detail below. I connected the Internet Camera directly to a computer with a cross- over cable Ethernet cable and received the following Windows error upon running the Installation Wizard: Click Dcs-53000g Select the program folder the software will be installed into. The default screen in Tools is the Admin screen.