The Exemplars of Evil supplement shows Dungeon Masters how to construct villains of various levels that can be easily incorporated into any D&D campaign. 17 items Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more! Feats in Exemplars of Evil. ‹‹ previous 1 next ›› (total 17 items). Items per page. 17 items Feat name, Short description, Rulebook. Beloved of Demons, The tanar’ri reward you with unholy vitality whenever you defeat Exemplars of Evil.

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Results 1 to 1 of 1. It is one thing to have a book filled with villains but allowing someone to be able to create their own and use these guidelines to make their own ideas better is very important. Exemplars of Evil is not going to be exekplars book for everyone. They come with a rather better keep than the orc above, but frankly, are uninspiring villains all around. Available at level 1, you get your first ceremony, granting your entire party the Message spell, at will.

Oh hey, Deliquiescence is back! If it were only ten dollars, I wouldn’t be so angry, but ecemplars no way, shape, or form is this pile of crappy villains worth exemplaars bucks, and I’m disgusted that WotC let it out the door.

Monks, rogues, and rangers can trade evasion for Feign Death at will as an immediate action. The monster reaching out of the cover is probably supposed to be a lich, but frankly, it fails entirely at being menacing or even impressive.

Exemplars of Evil

Dungeon of the Mad Mage. It’s not evil-only, and is somewhat useful for recurring villains, and more useful to most PCs than evasion, which can be obtained from several items. He is one of the few writers that has a sadistic imagination that is perfect for this kind of book. If you insist on playing a favored soul, this isn’t a bad option.

It talks about how to use a villain in a campaign verse a one shot. Wake of the Ravager Dark Fxemplars Online: Aside from that, though, this is actually a decent villain, a somewhat sympathetic evil necromancer lich. Evil Overlords love this spell, which makes their minions d&f to being captured and blurting out the whole plan, or being killed and then interrogated via Speak with Dead.


And they like you, too. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Items in Exemplars of Evil – D&D Tools

The other two ceremonies, available at levels 5 and 9, are just as good. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich.

Valbryn herself is decidedly uninteresting, but her companion villain, Thaden Felstorm, is what Emmara should have been. None of this fxemplars at all new, even to neophyte DMs, and could probably have been skipped.

If you’re a melee bard, or a paladin who values effectiveness over not being disgusting, you can gib your enemies to sicken everybody within 30′ for a round. Frankly, most villains are better off using the rebuke attempts to fuel divine feats.

Anyway, you get the Extraplanar subtype, your home plane changes to the Nine Hells, and you get one of two infernal gifts. Hero-made villains, villainous servants, villainous patrons, and allies in disguise. The introduction is also nothing special, and is a bit misleading, referencing Strongheart and Warduke, almost making you think this is a book about iconic evils, which it really isn’t.

Invaluable for the enemy who appears to be a friend. If you really feel like stripping PCs of the hard earned benefits of those ceremony feats, teamwork benefits, and group affiliations, you can do it temporarily with this pretty fucking terrible spell. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If it’s still allowed, anyway. I would not be surprised if he had to tone down some of his ideas.

The last page of the book is a paragraph each about dvil the named places to Eberron and Faerun, since they’re all based by default in Greyhawk. There d& plenty of DMs that do not need help with villains. If you’ve got spell focus in conjuration, and energy substitution, AND like throwing ground zero fireballs, this feat will give you budget immunity to your chosen element.

Once a hero, he wasn’t corrupted, per se, but he now holds allegiance to the fire giant queen. One of the most difficult parts could be the coming up with the objective and motivation of the villain. There are many archetypes and each one is very nicely described.


Nada Exemplars of Evil The cover of this book isn’t anything special. I should not need to explain why d&&d is fucking amazing. Favored of the Fiends: Dd&d ninjadebugger wrote, – 09 – 24 As an immediate action, a 1 round duration Will Negates debuff is The Genie’s Curse Birthright: You literally change someone’s mind so they believe they’ve seen and interacted with you at some point earlier in the day.

This page was last edited on 7 Octoberat This is weaksauce bullshit, and frankly, a copout on the part of the writers.

Even without the shitty corrupted paladin, the book, aside from a few mechanical high points, is a melange of bland, forgettable villains in a book that purports to be about how to make villains that players will remember years later. Reset Fields Log in. Nothing but fluff, here, sadly. Calais Archwinter An elf cursed into the form of a drow, and cursed by Lolth into becoming what she hated most, a foul villain.

He comes with a legion of half-dragon followers and an enslaved djinn prince who can be a sympathetic “villain” and possible ally. Evil only, you give up Rebuke Undead to gain a crappy area-effect Sicken attack.

Notable only for the fact that it’s a bardic SOBS, this mind affecting fear effect causes the target to believe that it’s at 0 HP, and can only take a move action per round if it wants to remain conscious. Apparently, only evil characters horribly maim their opponents, sacrificing Sneak Attack in increments of 2d6 to deal 1 point of Charisma damage per sacrifice.