Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason is a well-written autobiography told with humor and heart by an “average” person. It is the story lived by many. Listen to a free sample or buy Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason ( Unabridged) by Seth Andrews on iTunes on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. In DEconverted: a journey from religion to reason, author Seth Andrews describes his journey from Christian to atheist. Born the son of.

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A Journey from Religion to Reason is a well-written semi-autobiography by Seth Andrews told with passion and pathos of his life-changing move from theism to atheism. A privilege to read. Having personally seen the sex and drugs in the gospel music world, I was sure it existed in other areas of religious music aa well.

February Book Review: DEconverted: a journey from religion to reason by Seth Andrews

Moreover, as you read the story, you’ll see what a natural leader he is in building his own community and using his natural talents. Seth points out contradicting bible verses, shoots down some of froom most commonly used excuses and apologetics, provides the incest-rape-child murder verses the church doesn’t want to talk about or glosses over to you.

Darrel Ray, author of Sex and God: LOL If you’re looking for a detailed manual on how to debate with the religious, this isn’t your book. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

(PDF Download) Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason Read Online – video dailymotion

I love the fact that the author is helping to free so many from indoctrinated fear based on reasob that he calmly unravels based on common sense and reasoning. And like the author, I continue to not be afraid to be and show my true self. For the God-themed issue of Zen DixieI read three books on atheism.


We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. The audiobook narration was excellent; I could see being less entertained if I had been reading instead of listening. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The slowly dawning acknowledgment that a so-called infallible book was instead full of inconsistencies and that there was no sky-daddy to worship and serve; the friction of family still in the clutches of Christianity and the pain my breaking jourey of those clutches caused; the inexorable movement from ingrained teaching that there IS a god, to the position that there MAY NOT be a frpm to the realism that there is NO god; the feeling that a weight has been lifted when you stop basing your life on fairy tales and myths.

The faithful will gain an understanding in simple terms as to why their loved ones and friends can and do quit their faith and turn away from religious dogma.

Customer Reviews Nail on the Head! It was very easy and enjoyable to listen to this audiobook. The books is written very conversationally, and captures the ease with which he narrates his show and addresses the world, that makes it not only an easy read jourrney a very human look at disbelief.

Doubt is frowned upon as a sin. Preview — Deconverted by Seth Andrews. And, like I said in the opening paragraph, my atheism is not about anyone else but me. Mostly comedic and sound-bite, he likes a high polish that appeals to a broader audience rather than a deeper one. If there is no evidence to convince you that a god exists, you are thus not obligated to believe in a god, nor should anyone else be.

I highly recommend this book. Refresh and try again.

After being raised Catholic, I had more than a passing fancy for Buddhism. On the surface, both Andrews and Batchelor were part of their respective clergy. A Journey from Religion to Reason is a well-written autobiography told with humor and heart by an “average” person. It definitely described my journey and frustration trying to find like minded people. Aug 10, John rated it really liked it Shelves: It is about thinking for oneself. After reading these books, I feel as though the world needs to be reminded that when someone realizes she is an atheist, it is not an attack on everyone else in the world that believes in God.


AtheismChristianityCurrent FeaturesSkepticism. When broken down, each likely had similar paths of thinking that are quite compatible with each other.

The info in this book doesn’t seem to go beyond what a Bio Blurb might say on his website or any other ‘About’ tab. I really love how he is able to tell his story, honestly and rationally, while respecting those who did not and do not share his beliefs. Even before he made the decision to de-robe, Batchelor questioned the organization of Buddhism.

Email required Address never made public. As an ex JW I loved reading this book as the reasoning often followed my own journey and I could self relate. An ex Seth has a way with words.

I knew much of Seth’s story from listening to his podcast, but he goes into much greater detail here. I found Deconverted to be an enjoyable, relatable, and inspiring read. I’m not even sure I’d have a family, if they knew. While this little memoir is not great literature, it’s an interesting life’s journey for a good little Christian boy raised in a good Christian home in Oklahoma, smack in the middle of the bible belt. The more he learned, the more he taught others, especially westerners who were flocking to Buddhism in droves in the late s.

There are also other available format to download: I am astonished at what Seth accomplished.