Such assays are suitable for the measurement of proteins at concentrations >5– 10 mg/L. .. Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay. May 3, Different laboratory methods are used to quantify ferritin . assays and automated equipment developments, and in routine laboratory assays and Seco M. Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay. J. Colloid. Interface Sci. (2): – 3. Borque, L., Rus, A., Bellod, L., and Seco, M.L. Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay.

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Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay.

Nevertheless, these results can be influenced by the sensitivity of the methodology used for CRP quantification. Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay. Variability in the measurement of C-reactive protein in healthy subjects: The immunopurified antibody showed a similar trend, having a covalently coupled adsorption isotherm according to that of the nonimmunopurified antibody in the range studied 0.

The ferritin assay is an automated immunoturbidimetric method. Evaluation of an improved immunonephelometric assay for C-reactive protein [Abstract]. A rapid and sensitive automated light scattering immunoassay for serum C-reactive protein and the definition of a reference range in healthy blood donors. Jadsamount of antibody adsorbed; Jinamount of antibody added. Recent reports show median values in healthy controls of 0.

Posttreatment with additives BSA, surfactants has been proposed 13 14although it reduces IgG charge and reactivity.

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The effect of varying the particle size on a reagent with a constant charge of 0. We then selected 0. J Clin Immunoassay ; Among the many commercially available assays for CRP, the most common use fluid-phase or particle-enhanced turbidimetric or nephelometric procedures 7. The procedure has been automated using the Falcor analyzer.


We found that at any given working dilution of microparticles studied, the initial absorbance decreases with increasing wavelength and increases with microparticle diameter, according to the light-scattering theory. Biomarker Menu Search Search ferritun Keyword: Colloidal particles coated with polyclonal IgG usually are not very stable, mainly because of the high antibody coverage needed to obtain good sensitivities 3.

Download figure Open in wn tab. Thus, a compromise between sensitivity and measurement range is demanded. Parameter values abcorrelation coefficients rand confidence regions were as follows: We chose this microparticle reagent, with a coverage of 0.

Clin Chem ; 45 Suppl 6: CRP is a prognostic risk factor for coronary heart disease in both patients with angina stable or not and in apparently healthy subjects 2and distinguishes rapidly destructive vs slowly progressive osteoarthritis 3. Covalent isotherm A and dose—response curves as a function of antibody type and coverage B and particle size C.

Clin Chem Lab Med ; Show more Technical Briefs. It allows lower antibody coverage on the microparticle reagent and provides highly sensitive and robust particle-enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay for serum CRP. Carboxilated latex particles nm in diameter were covalently coupled with immunopurified F ab’ 2 fragments of anti-ferritin IgG antibodies.

C-Reactive protein CRP is a marker of acute phase response to inflammation that increases rapidly within hours of disease onset. C-reactive protein and bacterial infection in preterm infants. Lancet ; After elution, the released protein was measured using the BCA procedure. It is also used to distinguish between hypoferric anemia and hypochromic anemia chronic infection and tumor anemias, sideroblastic anemia or thalassemia.


For the immunopurified anti-CRP antibodies, we used a modified procedure consisting of two sequential covalent coupling steps.

The determination of ferritin is useful in diagnosis of defects in ddevelopment metabolism, monitoring iron therapy, ascertaining the iron reserves in groups at risk and in the differential diagnosis of anemias.

Turbid and lipemic samples caused an important interference which could be avoided by pretreating those samples prior to measurement. Clinical Chemistry Nov46 11.

Ferritin determinations are widely used for monitoring renal anemia when iron utilization and distribution disorders are present during therapy with erythropoietin.

Evaluation of four automated high-sensitivity C-reactive protein methods: A new method of measuring C-reactive protein, with a low limit of detection, suitable for risk assessment of coronary heart disease. Recent studies of CRP concentrations within the conventional reference interval have suggested new ferritinn applications. Principle of Test Method: In addition, we present a new procedure of sequential covalent coupling of IgG and bovine serum albumin BSA that improves the reagent colloidal stability and could eliminate most of the drawbacks of the light-scattering immunoassays, such as nonspecific agglutination.

J Biomater Developmnet Polym Ed ; 3: