Vanessa Redgrave portrays Vida Winter in this film, and her sister, Lynn Redgrave, portrays the part of Vida Winter in the audiobook by Diane Setterfield, on. Diane Setterfield’s debut novel arrived already wreathed in acclaim, and it’s easy to see why. The Thirteenth Tale is a cleverly plotted. Former academic Setterfield pays tribute in her debut to Brontë and du Maurier heroines: a The Thirteenth Tale. Diane Setterfield, Author.

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My bedspread, the book in my hand, the lamp still shining palely in the daylight that was beginning to creep in through the thin curtains. Lea blamed Margaret for the loss of the twin. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover!

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Though if I understood the book correctly Miss Winter was not actually a twin. Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! Ask him to tell you about where he was born. Beginnings, Middles, Endings and again Beginnings.

The Thirteenth Tale – Diane Setterfield

Emmeline died near the end at thirteenht old age, and Vida Winter let the ‘wolf’ inside of her win when she finished telling her story. During their meeting at Winter’s home, Lea attempts to politely decline the offer and leave, but is stopped at the ciane by the pleas of the older woman. She died from the flu in a mental institution.

  ASCE 7-93 PDF

Young Emmeline Olivia Colman Mysteries abound, of course, and we learn a lot about both Vida and Margaret as the story progresses.

The Thirteenth Tale

Miss Winter’s story stops adding much new information at a certain point, and later we are given the diaries of a minor character, which essentially only goes over information setterfifld already know. I feel that those that hated it just do not like the gothic suspense genre.

Her slow unraveling of the clues she uncovers makes for an elegant and compelling narrative. View all 56 comments. It sounds easy but it’s really, really hard. Let me just mention that this novel’s construction, pacing, and plotting are all askew as well, and that its ultimate resolution is a huge disappointment.

So begins the prologue of reclusive author Vida Winter’s beloved collection of stories, long famous for the mystery of the missing thirteenth tale.

Genre preferences aside, there’s no denying that this is a beautifully written book: This is a fair comparison in terms of plot mechanics, though Setterfield is a considerably better stylist thirtteenth Brown. The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield – 4 stars. The phrase “from Yorkshire” is repeatedly used to describe her, in ways that imply electricity and plumbed-in toilets might still be a rarity there.

Two different actresses are used: Setyerfield story-telling tradition strongly reminds the reader of earlier classic tales. The Missus had never once known Emmeline to raise a hand against Adeline. Apr 01, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: In Vida Winter’s story, Isabelle’s mother died at childbirth, leaving her father, George, depressed.


Now old and ailing, she is ready to reveal the truth about her extraordinary existence and the violent and tragic past she has kept secret thd so long.

Diane Setterfield will keep you guessing, make you wonder, move you to tears and laughter and, in the end, deposit you breathless yet satisfied back upon the shore of your everyday life. Isabelle may have grown up normally. If fhirteenth is what women read and apparently there are people who actually enjoyed this catastrophe, in fact it has a higher rating than some Cormac McCarthy novels on here then we, as a species are lost.

That she is finally ready to tell the truth.

A tale with a twist

You may also like: The audio version was really well done. Isolation does many things to a person. View all 14 comments.

Jul 07, Debbie “DJ” rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is an interesting story, situated in the world of literature. I had the same question and hunted down the answer from the source. The denouement, when it comes, is both predictable and un-scary.