New to digikam? Needs some help? First, read carefully the digikam documentation. It’s actively maintained and you should find most of what you need there. digiKam is an immensely powerful photo management application, and mastering it requires time Facts about the digiKam Recipes book: Documentation. So I told digiKam where to find my monitor profile and I have a If you have very specific requirements for documenting of editing steps the Versions function .

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Compiled from svn Subversion If you compiled yourself digiKam from the latest trunk files, you will have to get the languages files you need. Which file format should I use?

Digikam documentation in french

So the ulimate solution is to use git and doxygen, that all As I already said previously, KDE project sound lost to do to much work and the basis do not work or with the time stop to work. The book offers easy-to-follow instructions on how to organize and manage photos, process RAW files, edit images and apply various effects, export and publish photos, and much more.

The current guide to contribute available on web site are completly broken: When you put a device into a hotplug bus like USB, the kernel detects it and looks if it has a suitable driver compiled inside. The book was written in close cooperation with the digiKam developers.


In the future, it will be possible to use another database backend to solve it. Recently, few people ask in this room to find information about how to digiikam to digiKam project. Rename your version to usbcam and digikam-hotplug, and copy them to.

Docunentation generation fails on large files Q: Installation and Configuration This section gives the same information like chapter 4. There are two color specifications: Both scripts could be downloaded here.

Regular… is used for unselected thumbnails and Selected… for selected thumbnails. DigiKam is an extremely powerful tool; this ebook helps the user to get to grips with its sometimes complex interface and processes; also the project – free and open-source – gets a few quid from your purchase.

digiKam – digiKam Recipes Book

Exiv2 library bugs and wishes GPhoto library bugs and wishes Mailing list Subscribtion digikam-users Mailing list subscription for all questions, comments, suggestions, and requests by the digiKam users. RAW conversion requires a couple of steps in order to produce a satisfying result, better adapted to your needs than JPEG out-of-the-camera images:. Color Management with X on Linux Color management of your monitor is possible with digiKam from version documentaation.

Gentoo Gentoo has a very nice page about using UTF It still a lots of pending task to do: How to create a digiKam theme? Check the svn download page for more details eg: If you installed digiKam using your distribution package, language files should be included with it and you can run digiKam in any supported language.


digikam-devel – digiKam API documentation

Usually, linux distributions have -dev packages when you want to compile something against a specific library. Digikam will warn you when you change your locale with a new encoding.

Please use digikak listed below docuemntation reports specifics bugs relevant of these libraries: Converting filenames to UTF-8 encoding There are also some informations here: If you compiled yourself digiKam from the latest trunk files, you will have to get the languages files you need. This settings is located in Doxyfile from root source directory.

digiKam Recipes Book

How can I disable that? Take a care to use the right component to post a new file at the right place. Search everywhere only in this topic. The most used tool to do that is convmv written in perl.

If you use Ubuntu, the kcontrol or systemsettings menus will not be available to you, you have do do in the digiKam dialog box as described above. This do not work and do not follow the long settings that i write to optimize the output. It simply describes howto setup the kernel hotplugging feature. First you should check whether your kernel comes with the required hotplugging feature.

Please use links listed below to reports specifics bugs relevant of these libraries:.