This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the RP12 from DigiTech. Owner’s Manual. RP Owner’s Manual. DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Manufacturer’s Name: Manufacturer’s Address: Digitech S. Sandy Parkway . Way over the top pre-programed effects!! Whammy pedal, Wah-wah, zip-zap bang!! Visit the past from the comfort of your home. All parameters.

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Turns the Module on or off.

If the select- ed Parameter is not linked, it will select the next available CC link for assignment. Smooth Pitch is a single voice diatonic pitch shifting module with significantly improved tracking. Refer all servicing to qualified personnel. President of Digitech S.

The values you select on these two screens determine the behavior of the continuous controller. This is particularly useful for backing up the memory of the RP, or copying all the Programs from one RP to another. By installing the 2. Here are some ways to avoid this type of damage: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. You may have noticed, as you increment and decrement the Step Number, the Program Name and number change with the step num- ber.

Controls the overall level of the wah effect. All effects are super prcis and even a little too in some cases but always end up getting the desired sound.

Adjustable from 0 to Execute a hard reset Q: Switch on the unit while watching the display. Log in Become a member. This control should be set in relation to the amount of pitch shifting to be performed. Variable from 0 to By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.


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All Off indicates the Cabinet Emulation Parameter is always off. Don’t have an account? How do I execute a hard reset at my RP10? The Pedalboard functions can be broken down into two sections: Yes, because after installing you have to execute a hard reset.

But really no regrets in sound. Smooth Whammy, Smooth Pitch, and Harmony. The Digitech’s catalog is often a little too metallic or shiny, it is obvious that the pdalier out of the box with factory settings is a bit crude, but the record is clear and trs Technical Info gives all want in very little time.

Controls the dispersal and density of reverber- ations through the course of the early portion of RV RT With the addition of new effects, Version 2. The expression pedals can be assigned many paramtres out of the expression for the whammy and wah-wah or volume. Each mixer channel is equipped with an input level to give you maximum control over levels coming figitech and going to different Modules.

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It takes a little getting used to what is normal given the number of effects, but we do it quickly in the game trs A pedal “all in one” as the RP12 totally convinced me to sell all my effects pedals since all configs are selectable and especially over cable, batteries, power supply lying around or walking around from time to time And with the addition of new presets, Version 2.

Request a new review. Using this Program as an example for Program modifica- tion, the procedure for changing the Chorus Speed is as follows: Sort by most recent most useful. Allows you to set the musical key for har- monies.

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DIGITECH RP12 Owner’s Manual

Now take a look at the middle and lower curves in the diagram, and notice the much narrower bandwidth of the curves with a Q setting of 4 dibitech 8. The upgrade comes with a very detailed installation manual in English or German!

Pedalboard functions that affect the processor directly and Pedalboard functions that interact with MIDI and then affect the processor. Set the level of the output signal from the Phase Inverter Module.

Enter text from picture: The complete procedure for naming and storing a Program is as follows: When in the Algorithm selection screen, the LCD display looks something like this: Ranges from 25 to milliseconds. Did you find this review helpful? I regret not having the means to buy a rack era of GSP because the function does not interest me cest pdalier rather for people who play in groups and move with their Matis.

Block Diagram Section 9 – Appendix Digitevh last but not least, Harmony is a single voice Intelligent Pitch Shifting effect, giving RP10 owners true 2-voice harmonizing solo lines. Which benefits do I get by installing the 2. Local indicates the stored Parameter value is being used. The procedure is as follows: How can I find out the installed firmware version of my RP10?