Devserver Documentation. Contribute to easyphp/documentation-devserver development by creating an account on GitHub. EasyPHP Webserver lets you host a PHP based website on your own Windows computer. It comes with Apache, PHP, MySQL and. Moodle requires that a webserver, PHP and a supported database be installed to run on Windows. This may be achieved by using EasyPHP.

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EasyPHP Webserver: Host websites on your Windows computer

But becoming a full stack web developer requires a lot of skill, dedication, and practice on real-life projects. The nice folks at EasyPHP have bundled these three plus phpMyAdmin to administer your database via a browser Once these applications installed, a Tiki database must be created and a Tiki mysql user must be created with appropriate priviledges. Are you docujentation budding web developer and do you code your back-end in PHP?

Host websites on your Windows computer. Please wait The PDF is being prepared, please wait The browser continuously states Waiting for response from Now that I have built up my PHPbb3 forum it no longer loads. It is a great tool to see how your projects will perform in the real world.


They correspond to development keywords bug reports and documentahion requests: Ignore this and log in using the login box in the right-hand column.

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Windows Local Install EasyPhp | Documentation for Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

What do I need? See the links at the bottom of this page. Web sites are everywhere these days and web developers are in a lot of demand. Once these applications installed, a Tiki database must be created documentqtion a Tiki mysql user must be created with appropriate priviledges.

But this doesn’t seem to change anything.

I ran easyphp as admin. The first time a page is called, Tiki generates a template. EasyPHP is fully configurable, and you can configure each and every aspect of your own web server.

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Decompress Tiki files Step 7: Modules and Components, however, will be made available for Webserver very shortly. Run the install script If you get a timeout error, If you get a Eazyphp error: This is a section of Windows Desktop Install. Just install it and start your services and you have a web server running and hosting your files. It lets you host your projects real fast and without any unnecessary configurations.


Installation guide for Windows using EasyPHP

For more information, http: Change default password Step History Source More Slideshow. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Delivered fresh to your email inbox! Must be a bug Please visit Initial Configuration. These three applications are needed to run Tiki.