Crompton Potentiometer complete setup for physics experiment. The slide-wire type of potentiometer described in the previous article is not a practical form of construction. The long slide wire is awkward, and. Potentiometers. Introduction. A Basic dc Potentiometer. Crompton’s dc Potentiometers. Applications of dc Potentiometers. AC Potentiometers.

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There is no slide wire. This provides a means of standard cell balance resistance to suit the emf value of the particular standard cell used.

This textbook ” Electrical and Electronics Measurements by S. This unit has been specially designed for hospitals and physiotherapy centers where the machine is required to run constantly for many hours to survive with the rush of patients. This is essential so that once the instrument has been calibrated on x 1 range, calibration of the x 0.

Brooks deflectional potentiometer is used for applications where the voltage to be measured is continuously changing, with a conventional type of potentiometersit becomes impossible to obtain exact balance even when the changes are slow since it is difficult to follow the changes by manipulation of the dials.

The following steps are used when making measurements with the above potentiometer: With the protective resistance in the circuit, the potentiometer is balanced by means of the main dial and the slide wire.


In this potentiometer, only one or two main dials, consisting of decade resistance boxes, are used. Duo range type potentiometer.

Chand ” is the best in industry. Year of Establishment Also, a separate standard cell dial permits the operator to check the standard cell balance at any time during the course of measurement without disturbing the potentiometer setting. The two ranges are obtained by using two resistors R 1 and R 2 and a range selecting switch S.

Thus a considerable change in standard cell emf owing to temperature changes can be allowed for the operation of the circuit below. Final adjustments are made for zero deflection with the help of the rheostat. There is one dial switch with fifteen steps, each having a precision resistor.

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After completion of standardisation, the switch ‘S’ is thrown to operate position thereby connecting the unknown emf into the potentiometer circuit. Grab it now for very less price. This completes the standardisation process for the potentiometer. Digital Potentiometer in Ambala.

Construction and Working of basic slide wire dc Potentiometers. Direct reading type, improved from with standardizing coil consisting of 8 coils and a circular slide wire The scale is divided into parts with potential drop of mill volts Fine and coarse rheostats are provided for adjusting the slide wire current Range 0.

dw crompton potentiometer pdf writer

If you have questions, then you can email me palakalaamarnath gmail. The potentiometer is used to monitor the value of temperature where a thermocouple is employed.


The measuring circuit current I m must be equal to 10 mA in order to produce a voltage drop of 1. Get best deals for coconut. The switch S is thrown to the calibrate position and the galvanometer key is tapped while the rheostat is adjusted for zero deflection on the galvanometer.

Newer Post Older Post Home. All modern potentiometers incorporate a separate standard cell dial circuit calibrating circuit.

Crompton Potentiometer

Supposing the value of emf of the standard cell is 1. If the new reading does not agree with the old one, the second measurement of unknown emf must be made. The value of the compensating resistors is such that the resistance of the potentiometer circuit, vrompton viewed from terminals, where the unknown emf is applied, remains constant irrespective of the position of the sliding contacts.

The design of circuit of a duo-range potentiometer should be such that it is possible to change the measuring ranges without re-adjusting the rheostat or changing the value of working voltage of the battery. The below figure shows potnetiometer schematic diagram of a duo-range two range potentiometer.

The combination of dial resistors and the slide wire is set to the standard cell voltage.