E5CK Process Controller All OMRON products are capitalized in this manual. The following tables show the correspondence between the E5CK display. Board in addition to the E5CK-AA Process Controller. For E5AK or . Manual output, heating/cooling control, SP limiter, loop burnout alarm, SP ramp, MV. off on Disables A Auto / Manual key. 3. MANUAL manu. SET MV FOR MANUAL OPERATION. – – %. *1 Set output % manually (open loop control).

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Parameters are factory-set to heating control. Repeatedly executes current Pattern execution count: Enter text from picture: This mode contains the main parameters for adjusting control. About The Displays 1.

The conventions used in this section and data restrictions are as follows: Input error Error 2: Control output 1 assignment Control output 2 assignment Auxiliary output 1 assignment Alarm 1 type Alarm 1 open in alarm Alarm 2 type Alarm 2 open in alarm Alarm 3 type Alarm 3 open in alarm Level 1 Mode Control period heat Conditions of Use Relay, SSR or voltage output must set as the outputs, and the control must be set to Control period cool advanced PID control, standard control or heating and cooling control.

Page 93 Program Mode Time signal 1 enabled Conditions of Use Each of the time signals must be assigned step as outputs. However, if the E5CK controller must be calibrated by the user, use the parameters provided for user to calibrate temperature input, analog input voltage, current and transfer output. Page Page Starting And Stopping Operation 3. Expansion For limiting SP setting Set point lower limit: This character must be inserted before the leading byte.


Chapters Table Of Contents You can check the parameter setting by both communications and on the E5CK con- troller regardless of whether the controller is switched to remote or local operation. This chapter describes operations as mamual from the host computer.

Omron e5ck User Manual

X Format The eck character. These functions are assigned to control outputs 1 and 2, and auxiliary outputs 1 and 2. Be sure to follow the instructions described in these precautions. Page 65 Rate of rise 0: Expansion Executes all patterns. When adding on the option unit, also see the option unit list on page SP of steps 1 and 2 3— Page of Go.

Repeatedly executes current Pattern execution count: For details on how to use the controller and parameter settings, see Chapters 2 onwards. Limiter Operation Conditions 4. Use this end code to remedy errors that may occur.

The following figures shows the effect on data after passing through the digital filter. This example describes how to calibrate a thermocouple when the transfer output function is supported. The following table shows the special commands that are available on the E5CK controller. E5CK controller are matching, and are within the permissible ranges.



Page of Mnual. However, note that the DMM is required only when the transfer output function is sup ported. When the manipulated variable calculated by the E5CK T controller strays from the upper and lower limit range, the upper limit or Function lower limit set to these parameters is output, respectively.

Sets the set point. RoomBank of China Tower, Rate of rise programming Expansion Time unit of ramp rate 0: Page 2 3 Every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this manual. Manipulated variable cool 0. For details, see the Appendix: F Meaning Calibration data is in error.

F Input assign- You can choose from the following three event input functions: Also, do not touch the input terminals Nos.

To program operation 4— Chapters Table Of Contents Function Unit Default Setting Range 0.

The following 10 output functions can be assigned as outputs: This mode contains the parameters for setting expanded functions. F Operation at Both control output functions and alarm output functions operate. Panel Watertight packing 1 Insert the E5CK controller into the mounting hole in manuzl panel at the position shown in the figure above.