Some features of the EasyGreen MikroFarm™ The EasyGreen MikroFarm was developed out of the growing demand for organic health food. The EasyGreen’s. The Easygreen Automatic Sprouter has been reworked for with improvements that make it even better for growing a consistent and plentiful supply of. New! EasyGreen Light MikroFarm (v/50Hz) for sprouts, including alfafa sprouts, bean sprouts, broccoli sprouts. And for wheatgrass growing for wheat grass.

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The Easygreen lets you create the perfect microclimate for all your favourite sprouts and baby salads with complete control.

We tried the EasyGreen Light with a variety of sprouting mixtures including broccoli, clover, fenugreek, grene and radish and had success with all of them. Thank you for such a marvellous invention And for wheatgrass growing for wheat grass juice. It is definitely the easiest and highest-yielding sprouter we’ve tested. A motorized mister hydrates the enclosure at set periods defined by a separate timer, and the whole thing drains via some plastic tubing to a bucket or sink below.

Sprouts require little water but abundant amounts of oxygen.

EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter EGL 55 At UK Juicers™

Wheatgrass juice benefits, wheat grass benefits Easygreen operating Become a reseller! Operating easu are very clear. This is utterly amazing – truly it is. Service or repaired by an unauthorized non-factory person.


EasyGreen light automatic sprouter

The EasyGreen drains all used water out of the machine. According to the Act on Registration of Sales, the seller is required to issue a receipt to the buyer. No other sprouter can supply an automatic indication of which cartridge is now on its 5 th day. Un-sprouted seeds contain growth inhibitors that are washed away when grown naturally but with other re-circulating systems these remain in the sprouting water and can lead to poor results. We set it to turn on every four hours.

I recommend you stay on top of its water usage as it is a thirsty beast.

Easily grow sunflower, buckwheat, and other seeds that people using other sprouters struggle to grow. The EasyGreen sprouter uses a unique activations timer, allowing the grower to fine-tune the machine to his or her specific environmental conditions. We found it easy to use, flexible with the 5 trays, and very good at germinating sprouts. There are drainage holes within the trays small trays, and 1 large tray which sprouteer kept at slrouter slight angle inside the easy green to insure proper drainage.

I wish the height was a little taller, but that’s minor. Reviewed 26 May by Eugeniu, Montgeron Best thing ever invented!

If you enjoy sprouts and are tired of the mess and constant fuss, get this sprouter!! If you have a even temperature in your house and a spare room to contain the poisonous vapor, you will love it. The idea of mixing air is great, it keeps the seeds from rotting.


EasyGreen – The EasyGreen Sprouting Machine

Our website uses cookies to provide services at the highest level. The EasyGreen rinses automatically as many times as needed a day during the complete growing cycle. I don’t like that very much!

Damaged goods within transport: You can put all 5 trays at once if you want a big harvest in days, or just add a tray a day to always have a fresh supply of sprouts. Some people prefer to grow sunflower greens, wheatgrass, pea shoots and other more developed sprouts such as baby salad greens in soil or compost. This is actually quite handy as you can greenn have a tray in rotation if you start a new tray every day or two.

The EasyGreen Gren is no exception, as it is basically a large treen box divided into two chambers. Product Reviews Login or Register to write the first review. With no damage to the machine or crops. English Choose a language for shopping.