educational media, held in Santiago de Compostela in September The theme for Edital de convocação para inscrição no processo de avaliação e seleção de livros Histoire de la littérature enfantine, Paris: Abin Michel. Carreras. Abin. Agência Brasileira de Inteligência. AC. Acre. Alap. Área sob Limitação Administrativa Provisória. Alos Climáticas (PNMC), lançada pela Lei de 29/12/ O edital correspondente à Floresta Nacional Saracá-Taquera . 27 jul. O edital do leilão bate com a explicação: discrimina o uso exclusivo dos equipamentos . O Sisbin está sobre o comando da Abin (Agência Brasileira de . entre e , chegou-se a apelidar o país de Grampolândia.

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It will only be green if they paint the dam green. There were representatives of the Juruna, Xypaia, Kuruaia and Canela tribes, as well as local fishermen and displaced farmers. Federal do Acre Univ. Copenhaga Dossier International Rivers: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is being openly flouted. Social action, he says, is being criminalised.

President Rousseff must examine the government’s current model of development and its policies towards indigenous peoples, local communities and the environment.

Cop 15 Webcast

This is a glaring inequity, and it seems the rights of indigenous peoples are the first to be sacrificed in the name of development and profit. Donor governments came together in Paris, France from March 20 to 21, to start negotiations for the 17th replenishment of the Ediatl Development Association fund.

Mining is not permitted in the area. Conclusion By prioritising these large infrastructure projects at immense cost to the people and the environment, by suppressing protest with military force, by condoning the appalling conditions in these construction sites, by failing to prevent the murder of protesters and indigenous and grassroots leaders, the Brazilian government is sending the dangerous message that the pursuit of profit prevails over ediyal rights and the rule of law.

If however the President fails to reform the current model of development, if she continues down abkn path, Brazil may slip back into an era of violence, exploitation and civil unrest.


Belo Monte will displace over 20, people, gravely endanger the survival of indigenous peoples and local communities and cause irreparable environmental damage to the Brazilian Amazon. We saw the great red scarred coffer dams, the beginnings of Belo Monte, rearing out of the river.

Is Brazil returning to the bad old days? The trampling of indigenous rights, military force eddital against protesters, impunity, megadams and environmental destruction.

The Xingu will become unrecognisable and for many, uninhabitable. She can steer Brazil towards a sustainable future, based on principles of respect for human rights, good governance, justice, equity and environmental protection.

He was cycling home. Uptake Youtube Copenhaga I met with indigenous leaders, with local communities, NGOs, government officials, extractavists – and the Bishop of the Xingu, Dr Erwin Krautler, whose concern and care for the people affected by Belo Monte was evident.

edital abin 2009 pdf

Climate Change Dossier The Ecologist: The protest on March 21st was the latest of a long line of demonstrations and legal battles against Belo Monte, stretching back nearly forty years. Villagers being herded by air force, by Paulo Suess Was the small gold dredge the real reason for the raid? It is clear that the Brazilian government and the Belo Monte Consortium are determined to force it through at any cost.

President Rousseff has a choice. The Belo Monte dam will displace them, in their tens of thousands; it will strip them of their livelihoods. At every stage the Belo Monte dam has been opposed by the people who now live in its ever growing shadow.

Near its mouth the river mingles with the waters of the Amazon in a network of eanos, or natural canals. Belo Monte is only the beginning.

Belo Monte is being promoted as a source of green energy. In Januarytwenty leaders of the Juruna tribe blocked access roads to the construction site at Pimental, halting work for three days. Belo Monte will be the third largest hydroelectric plant in the world and the second-largest hydroelectric dam in Brazil.


According to Brent Millikan of International Riversthis signals a new trend of intimidation; NGOs and protesters are being threatened with fines and imprisonment. They claim landowners hired them to kill Mr Gomes. COP 15 Dossier Google: But actually the Belo Monte Dam commits every single one of these sins. It is a megadam. All the contents of the dredge were also destroyed including a fridge and a gas cooker. For 1, kilometres the river wanders through grasslands, savannahs, wooded archipelagos, pouring over the great cataracts at the Fall of Itamaraca.

The forest was green.

Malinche II: “Deadly Sins in the Brazilian Amazon”

They are steamrolling human rights for profit – with the blessing of the Brazilian government. I urge you to read it. Its aim is to open up and regulate large scale mining in indigenous territories. Copenhaga Dossier The Guardian: Environmental destruction The Xingu is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Live from Copenhaga Cop 15 Webcast. It is large corporations, investors and the government who profit.

All the evidence suggests that the Brazilian government will need to build more dams to make the Belo Monte Dam viable. Brasileira para o Desenv. It suggests that the government and the investors are, in fact, counting on the upstream dams that would flood vast areas of indigenous land and tropical forest. In March I went on a fact finding mission to the Xingu. Deforestation Dossier The Guardian: What will they do when the river changes forever?

The black and white-patterned Zebra Pleco fish, which is found only on the Xingu River, is likely ddital die out.

The people of the Xingu are invading the construction sites of Belo Monte because they are desperate.