El Chorruelo. Bulerías. Paco de Lucía. Luzía 1/2. = Standard tuning x Falseta 4. Capo. fret 3. 4. 2. 6. 0. (0). 5. 3. 3. 6. 5. 5. (5). 3. 5. 5. 3. 3. El Chorruelo. Bulerías Paco de Lucía Luzía Standard tuning. = x Falseta 4. Capo. fret 3. 0 (0) 6 6 5 5 (5) 2 3 3 3 5 5 5 5 5 4 5 5 3 3 5 7 5.

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And i agree with you that one should deeply beeing in to something, analyse it and do everything possible, if you want to really learn it. To advertise on this site please contact us. So, is this a disrespect to Paco?

Beginners also cant distinguish between any players quality. There are many things that justify being called “flamenco”. Oh, Enough of this diatribe.

I think what he meant was that technique is not everything. He saidit is “not all about” Pero esto no quita que usted tenga respeto hacia el resto de los miembros de este foro y del hcorruelo flamenco. If his sentences have a high quality, he dont need to pzco large monologues. For the sake of the forum and for Ruben to keep posting lessons, that’s what I’ll do.

Isn’t that the goal of every musician Amateur or Pro, doesn’t matter?

NUTS Crazy mathematical analyses excessive bla bla bla and just 14 lines poor concluding remarks. Argentina living in U. Skilled players are often not good in teaching. So what is wrong about learning from different teachers, combine things, techniques, combine Styles and finally ADD a little bit of own personality and Style?

Download Section / Paco de Lucia Repertoire

Of course you need technique, etc. Diaz, Es obvio que tratar de discutir con usted en Ingles es imposible ya que ha malinterpretado casi todas las respuestas de otros miembros. Tall trees catch a lot of wind! Iran living in Germany. Obviously, the harder they come the harder they fall. Without that, you won’t be able to play what you want and you would be restricted! As a total beginner you are almost lost as you even don’t know what compas is. Why do we have these special things in Flamenco like “Aire”, “Duende” etc?


I think its pretty simple in my opinion anyone who does something you would like to learn is a “bonafied” teacher i dont need diplomas, accents, or big names mentioned to like what i like if someones taste is not “informed “enough to make his decisions Then, you realize that it is not easy at all, IF you want to play it with that specific Aire and Vibe!!!

Yo estoy interesado en sus lecciones y nunca dije lo contrario. Creo que su habilidad como guitarrista y el hecho de conocer a Paco de Lucia personalmente se le ha subido a la cabeza Hey Ruben, When you say things in this way it makes it very clear that you yourself feel that some of the teachers and online resources mentioned by Arash are not “Bonafide. Sometimes the most important messages can be lost in with the verbiage – I’d like to highlight this from your previous input: Enjoy the ray of sunshine that comes with every new step in knowledge.

What you say is basically to copy a Style. Nadie esta ‘compitiendo’ y usted es el primero que aporta esa palabra a la discusion, hmm But I do believe Ruben is being a bit closed minded.

Is this a disrespect to Diego? Your videos are for advanced students, so i would say that most targeted students in this stage can differentiate between a good and a bad teacher. I respect a good player, especially when they interact in our forum I can assure you and others that may read this thread that Adam del Monte and Richard Marlow Ricardo are indeed both “Bonafide teachers” of flamenco guitar.


I think you misunderstood Jasons comment, Prof.

El chorruelo by Paco de Lucia – Full Score Guitar Pro Tab |

Yes, i have favourites too. So in that stage, almost everyone could paci you and you won’t find out what is good or bad habbit. But i think a real disrespect would be if i just download your videos for free, and don’t even bother what you are talking about, just like people who come to the foro to just download tabs for free for which others put a lot of work into, and fl just dissapear and who are not interested in any discussion or the forum in general.

Por esta razon voy a contestarle en Espanol, asumiendo que es su lengua materna como la mia. I would find it a real pitty if we would exclude some guitarists or Styles from beeing good, only because we have an own personal favourite. The technique of the language, on the other hand, is something that belongs to all who can understand it sorry, what do you mean?

But i am also a human beeing with an own opinion about other things like other players that may differ from yours.

Of course you should be in to flamenco and have basic knowledge. As you rightly said, internet is very useful, but it is also very dangerous if you do not know how to use it properly.

This is no teaching but nuts in the same field: But to get the best results, everybody should learn as much as one can from as many teachers or better said: