hello! Could someone please post English rules:kiss. : Mayfair Games Catan Adventures: Elasund – The First City: Toys Science Ninjas: Valence Card Game- Advanced Chemistry + Simple Rules +. For this game introduction you need either Netscape Navigator (or newer), Microsoft Internet Explorer (or newer) or Opera (or newer). (We also tested.

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The 2 cost wall segments are along the north and south walls, while the 4 cost wall segments are the ones that can be targeted by pirates.

Running down the left side of the board is another track to keep track of players’ Trade Points. In this game, players seek to score victory points by building slasund buildings inside the city, as well as contribute to the city’s church and city walls.

Years after fearless seafarers discovered and settled the island of Catan the population has grown significantly. Struggle for Rome Settlers of America. Subscribe To Posts Atom. As a developer, you will try to fit as many of your buildings into the open areas elqsund the city as possible. Along the sea and near the City Gates are spots that show one or two windmills.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The last thing feature I haven’t discussed is what happens when a “7” is rolled on the resource roll. Players can also build on the City Wall to get bonuses and on Trade Fields and on the church for victory points.

Buildings cost money to place, more if an opposing building permit is on the building site, as the value of the permit is reimbursed in gold to its owner by the builder. The buildings where on very sturdy card with nice artwork, the board was on similarly high quality rulrs and again colourful with one side representing the coast line and the other three green fields surrounding the muddy site of the future city — divided into a grid of 90 squares and 26 wall spaces.

The rules are excellent, in color and with an overview of the game as well as plenty of examples. In Elasund, nothing works without building permits! And, if a player loses a building covering any Trade Fields, he loses those Trade Points and any associated Victory Points as well. Mason, Ohio EuroGamers and more. Permits may be placed for an amount of gold equal to its value. To do this you do have to have the greater total value of Permits, which is determined by adding up the numbers on the Permits.


Sign elssund Meetup members, Log in.

Elasund – Wikipedia

You can go to Belfort or the Alhambra. Sure, you may be unlucky, but you can still do something and feel like you are still in the game. E-mail Ruless Rozmiarek elawund questions or problems concerning this page. After building, a player may place a Building Permit on the board in the row that has the Trade Ship. Each turn, the player does the following actions in order. Collecting sets of Influence Cards depends on a random draw, but there are different things one can do with identical sets as well as sets of different colors.

Catan needs a central trading site, so the Catanians have decided to build their first city.

Elasund Rules Clarifications and Corrections

Competition can be both brutal and nasty as players’ smaller buildings get demolished to make way for their opponents’ larger ones. Each Church Tile costs 7 Gold Cards to build and is randomly drawn and placed on the board according to the diagram, causing the instant demise of any other building on that spot. You can use Influence Cards to place additional Building Permits, move your Building Permits, or even remove a building that is the same size as one elaeund are building.

Get together with other boardgamers to play Eurogames and other similar boardgames.

The First City of Catan. Free Inquiry Group Secular Humanists. Gather players and build Elasund, the first city on the island of Catan. I definitely think we should try Elasund again. You also need to have the right number of Building Permits 1, 2, or 3 depending on the size of the building placed on the game board. Or sign up with email. What will your next build be? What can be nasty is the fact that you can use other players’ Building Permits along with your own as part of the cost for your building.


Each player starts the game with two buildings already on the board in designated locations, as well as 3 Gold Cards and 1 randomly drawn Influence Card.

However, this did not seem to be the case and my games were all in the stated minute range. In this way, a player can make another lose multiple Victory Points by demolishing a single building. Also clever is how there are multiple strategies for pursuing Victory Points, but not enough available for every player to pursue each one.

There will, however be some cases where a player falls way behind due to a combination of bad dice rolls and being a picked on by other players. As they earn these they move their marker up the appropriate number of spaces. Come see why these games are popular all over the world! There is a lot of direct player interaction and high degree of “nastiness” that will delight many players, but be a turn-off for others.

The leasund thing that a player can do is on his turn is use Influence Cards to take one Special Action. People in this Meetup are also in: If you are the first player to place all 10 of your Victory Point Cubes on the board, you are the winner!

After resources elassund collected, up to two buildings may be built: Despite the thematic connection between Elasund and Settlersthe two games have completely different rulee.

He can pay two matching Influence Cards and either move one of his Building Permits on the board to any other free space or upgrade a Building Permit to a higher-valued one, paying the difference. Close up of the Elasund board. Settlements have sprung up across the island and on the coasts, and trade between them has become indispensable. City Gate Tiles to mark the corners are included to make this adjustment. In order to build a building, you must pay the required amount of gold.