The EMS R T is a large chamber, rotary-pumped coating system ideally suited for sputtering a single large diameter specimen up to 8″/ mm (e.g. a wafer). The EMST S Plus is a high resolution sputter coater for oxidizing and non- oxidizing The EMS T Plus product line is a compact turbomolecular- pumped. EMS T Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater/Carbon Coater. The EMST is a compact turbomolecular- pumped coating system suitable for SEM,. TEM and many.

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For cleaning TEM apertures, a standard molybdenum boat supplied can be fitted. For alternative stages, see Ordering Information. Allows multiple users to input and store coating recipes.

For increased source to specimen distance and for coating larger specimens. The EMS T ES has a full range of optional accessories, including specimen stages and film thickness measurement which means the system can be tailored to the precise requirements of the user. A large multi-color status indicator light provides a visual indication of the state of the equipment, allowing users to easily identify the status of a progress at a distance.

The stage is supplied with two mounting pillars; one provides 10 mm to 32 mm target to stage distance and the other 31 mm to 53 mm. Rods are higher purity, less susceptible to debris and easier to control. Carbon rod evaporation head insert for 6. The EMS T D Plus has a special recipe for Aluminum that reduces the oxide removal time and prevents excessive pre-sputtering of the target.

New user interface has been thoroughly updated: A lockable emergency stop e-stop switch which can be mounted on top of the system in a position easily accessible for the operator. The EMS T T Plus can be fitted with an optional film thickness monitor FTMwhich measures the coating thickness on a quartz crystal monitor within the chamber, in order to control the coating thickness of material deposited on to sptter sample.


Vacuum spigot allows a more convenient connection of the vacuum hose to the rear of the EMS T ES when bench depth is limited. Audio indication also sounds on completion of the process. Rotation speed is variable between preset limits. The thickness measured on the turb can be correlated to the thickness on the substrate using a mathematical formula built into the software; this allows the user to control the thickness of material deposited on to the substrate.

Conductance film es CFM attachment including housing, esm, glass slides and cable. The unique loading rack out drawer system gives the user easy sample access with good sample size and the hinged lid assembly makes any other areas of the system readily accessible.

Full range, active vacuum gauge capable of measurement over the range of mbar to 5 x 10 -9 mbar. Fitted with a carbon rod evaporation head for 3. Rotation speed is variable from 14 rpm to 38 rpm.

Overview Platforms Workstations Isolation Platforms. Removable glass chamber and easily accessible base and top plate allows for an easy cleaning process.

When used psutter the extended height cylinder the target to stage height would be an additional 87 mm. Swinging arm stage drive, a stage drive and positioning mechanism which positions the stage under the correct target. Intelligent system logic automatically detects which insert is in place and displays the appropriate operating settings and controls for that process. Other stages available on request.

Quorum Technologies

Including quick release sputter insert, one 57 mm diameter x 0. Removable glass chamber and easily accessible base and top plate allows for an easy cleaning process. Rotating vacuum spigot allows more convenient connection of the vacuum hose to the rear of the EMS T D Plus when bench depth is limited. Thermal evaporation of metals from filaments or boats. Including quick-release sputter insert, one 57 mm diameter x 0.

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Carbon Coaters, Sputter Coaters and Turbo Coaters

Large-Chamber-Rotary-Pumped Sputter Coater, fitted with three sputtering heads to ensure even metaldeposition. The EMS T T Plus uses easy-change, 57 mm diameter, disc-style targets which are designed to sputter oxidizing and noble metals. New feature to sort recipes per user according to recent use. Note that EMS recommends 3. Hydraulically-formed bellows stainless-steel backing line. Sputter coating is a technique widely used in various applications; it is possible to create a plasma and sputter metals with high voltage, poor vacuum and no automation.

The KXD was a compact, dual head turbomolecular-pumped sputter coater optimised to deposit fine metal coatings for SEM, FEG-SEM and thin film applications – allowing sequential sputtering of two metals without the need to break vacuum.

Users can rapidly change the chamber, if necessary, to avoid cross contamination of sensitive samples. All targets are 57 mm in diameter and 0.

The wputter sputtering time is 60 minutes without breaking vacuum and with automatically built-in cooling periods. For increased source-to- specimen distance and for coating large specimens. However, some metals require the use of a molybdenum boat, which can also be used for heat-cleaning SEM and TEM apertures. The KX Semi-automatic Carbon Coater was a semi-automatic sputteer of the KX with manual control of the shutter operation, and also fitted with a static specimen stage.

Metal evaporation and aperture insert.