Request PDF on ResearchGate | Epidemiology of scorpionism: A global appraisal | The scorpionism is an actual public health problem in several parts of the. Chippaux, J.P. and Goyffon, M. () Epidemiology of scorpionism A global appraisal. Acta Tropica, , doi/opica Chippaux, J-P.; Goyffon, M. Acta Tropica (2): Epidemiology of scorpionism: a global appraisal. The scorpionism is an actual public health.

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The average age of our patients was Diagram of the patients treatment with antivenom.

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This paper has highly influenced 20 other papers. In the grade I group, antihistamines were administered to 53 The management of scorpion stings, especially those including antivenom treatment, appraisxl a subject of controversy. Topics Discussed in This Paper. Furthermore, we observed that even though appraixal antiserum can have serious side effects, the administration of a low dose of antivenom relieved severe pain that was not relieved by symptomatic treatment or narcotic analgesics.

The mean hospitalization period of the Abroug grade II patients who did not receive scorpion antiserum was 0. Mild systemic symptoms such as nausea, headache and malaise may occur in a small proportion of patients.

Characterizing the biological and biochemical profile of six different scorpion lf from the Buthidae and Scorpionidae family. Many authors have emphasized the importance of earlier and better treatment in managing patients [ 2021 ]. After trying it on, she immediately feels pain in her left hand.

Our agricultural workers are mostly stung by scorpions on their hands and arms, as they work without taking adequate safety precautions, mostly due scorpionisj either extreme temperature or lack of education. We use cookies to understand site usage and to improve the content and offerings on our sites.

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Australian scorpion envenoming

We have considered that the differences in occurrence of local and systemic symptoms in different regions between our study and the literature and different hospitalization periods are associated with the scorpion species living in these regions, ages of the people stung, and the different amounts of venom injected in each case.

Beck Lethality Scale Antivenin. When classified based on sex, 40 When average age and hospitalization period of the patients were examined, the average age of the patients followed up for less than 24 h was The grade I and II patients were followed up for an average of 20 hours in our clinic, whereas, the grade III patients were followed up for an average of 36 hours.

Patients were also excluded from the study if scorpions were not seen after they were stung or if they developed no local or systemic symptoms within four hours after the sting.

Epidemiology of scorpionism: a global appraisal.

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Scorpion stings in Australia: The average age of our patients who were followed up for less than 24 h was Although, scorpion stings commonly involve the upper extremities in Turkey Hospitalization period was 0.

Our study had a high incidence of scorpion stings between May and August; while June was the month when the cases were most frequent, we did not have any cases in December, January, or February. Scorpions are distributed worldwide, and nearlyscorpion sting cases, of which result in fatality, are reported around the world [ 4 ].


All aspects of the study protocol were approved by the medical ethics committee and the local health authorities before conducting this study Date: Our department is located in Aydin in the western region of Turkey.

In our study the average age of our patients was We think this finding is associated with the fact that people in our region often go to areas where scorpions are frequently found in order to work or have fun e. The purpose of this study was to offer the epidemiologic and clinical characteristics of patients with scorpion sting and to determine the efficacy of antivenom treatment in the management of these patients.

The use of anti-scorpion serum, which is the only specific treatment, is disputed by some specialists [ 11 ], and symptomatic or adjuvant treatments, the importance of which is now recognized by all experts, require precisely useful drugs, indications, and dosages in many places [ 1213 ]. Scorpion envenomation is a life-threatening emergency and can cause serious health problems, such as cardiac dysfunction and respiratory failure, in tropical and subtropical regions [ 7 ].

She shakes the coat, and out crawls….

Experimental data and clinical observations have confirmed the rapid neutralization of the venom after potent antivenom injections are administered [ 2829 ].