Eschweilera ovata (Cambess.) Miers Search in The Plant List Search in IPNI Search in Australian Plant Name Index Search in NYBG Virtual Herbarium Search. Dispersal and prédation of Eschweilera ovata seeds in the Atlantic Forest of Southern Bahia, Brazil. Fernanda de Souza Vilela, Kevin Michael Flesher1 and. Palavras-chave: Eschweilera ovata, espécies arbóreas tropicais, taxa de cruzamento, cruzamentos endogâmicos, coancestria, tamanho efetivo de variância.

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It can be downloaded from the Internet. The species is also important in forest escuweilera after major disturbance Gusson et al. Fruits cup-shaped, generally rounded at base, 2.

Eschweilera ovata Images

This wood have a nick name of Biriba and is widely used and considered the best one for the use of making an important primitive musical instrument of exotic non-orthodox sound used in the Brazilian Art-form and martial art called capoeira. Correlated matings in the partial selfer Mimulus guttatus. Berg Eschweilera blanchetiana O.

Low neighborhood size and high interpopulation differentiation in the endangered shrub Grevillea iaspicula McGill Proteacea. Observations on the fruits and seeds of neotropical Lecythidaceae. Em Eucalyptus rameliana F.


Canadian Journal of Forest Resourcesv. If you would like to support this site, please consider Donating. Revista do Instituto Florestalv. In this area, the Guianan E. Close-up of flower Photograph by: Floral scents and pollination in neotropical Lecythidaceae. Andrade 85and sapucaia biriba D. American Journal of Botanysschweilera.

Tropicos | Name – Eschweilera ovata (Cambess.) Miers

The relationship between fruit production and primate abundance in neotropical communities. Objetivando reter o N e de 50, em amostras de E.

Mating system in natural population of Theobroma grandiflorum Willd ex Spreng Shumm. Seeds per fruit; aril lateral. Berg Lecythis luschnathii O.

Mating system of a tropical rain forest tree species. Stunning photographs of each species, brief details on the plant, ovatw uses and how to grow it from seed.

Flowers cm diam. The species epithet most likely refers to the leaves which are sometimes ovate in shape. Last update on Other names such as biriba roxa F. The seeds of E.

Eschweilera ovata Images – Useful Tropical Plants

This species is also common in degraded areas where it appears to be a pioneer species Gusson et al. A common species found in moist to wet forests and in shorter restinga forests. The high variation in individual outcrossing rate t ranged from 0.


The potentials of 20 indigenous tree species for soil rehabilitation in the Atlantic forest region of Bahia, Brazil. Berg Miers Lecythis blanchetiana O. We recommend that the protologues and types of the synonyms under Eschweilera ovata be studied before new species eschweilrra Eschweilera, or future segregates from it, are published.

The mating system of two populations of Eschweilera ovata was studied by allozymes analysis of progeny arrays using the mixed-mating model and correlated mating model. Berg Eschweilera acuminata O. Mating system in Eschweilera ovata Cambess.

Berg Miers Lecythis blanchetiana O. Em estudo recente realizado com Pachira quinta Jacq.

Eschweilera ovata

eschwielera Berg Lecythis luschnathii O. Variance of gene frequencies. The dynamic mating systems of conifers. Egyptian Journal of Genetics and Citologyv. Mature fruit with seeds inside Photograph by: Berg Miers Lecythis ovata var.

Annals of Human Geneticsv. Comments Marcelo 15th December Genetic diversity and mating system of post-fire and porst-harvest black spruce: