Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch. The Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch (ETVS) contains centralized communications. switching equipment (central switch). Shop our inventory for ENHANCED TERMINAL VOICE SYSTEM ETVS RE by U.S. Some titles in the collection include: A Manual of Civil Engineer Bare Base . Fill Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch Manual, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax Related Content – enhanced terminal voice switching system etvs.

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ETVS automatically detects and localizes faults to the Line Replaceable Unit LRU level and reports results to the maintenance position, supervisory position, any remote maintenance terminals, and the maintenance logging function.

As designated by the USN requirement, each interface shall support:. The following ETVS activity installation schedule does not necessarily reflect activities where maintenance personnel are assigned due to the uniqueness of ATC facilities. New Features, Configurations, or Material. Enter Your Email Address.

Navy Training System Plan

The loading conditions of each fully equipped cabinet and frame will not exceed an average weight distribution greater than pounds per square foot. The System Administration courseware will build on the training provided in the Operation module and will incorporate generic Supervisor Control Terminal SCT software and map etsv to replicate typical system responses and visual displays the student would normally observe at a supervisor’s console.

Configuration changes executed by the student in the capacity of system administrator will result in expected changes to the designated operator position s.

The TED is software-controlled to display position call activity and selection. These positions require password entry to gain access etcs the supervisory and maintenance functions. The equipment room cabinets and frames will not exceed 72 inches in height, 36 inches in width, and 30 inches in depth.


Introduction of new developments will be accomplished through new production to meet procurement scheduling as outlined in paragraph K.

Perform required adjustments to the equipment to restore the equipment performance to specific parameters. The ETVS is designed to have a mean time to repair of not more than 30 minutes for any single maintenance action, including time required for fault localizing, repair, test, and restoration to service. ETVS is mounted in a canopy, much like the existing voice switch, and will provide the required flexibility to manage voice requirements for any size Department of Defense DoD ATC facility.

If other requirements are identified, they will be included in a future update to this document. Software support for operational and training activities will be provided by the FAALC and will include correction and resolution of site unique problems and development, control, and maintenance of modifications.

These existing systems are essentially electronic key systems and do not contain any processor-managed components or software. A Technical Instruction book to support installation, operation, and maintenance of the ETVS hardware, software, and firmware will be provided by Denro, Inc.

Audible and visual alarms located at all system terminals, a maintenance position, and at designated operational positions will alert personnel of failures. Communications Traffic Data CTD and system event collection and reporting will provide a summary of communications utilization, and more detailed position activity information, to both supervisory and maintenance personnel. Describes the functions of all assemblies and subassemblies.

The ETVS will require up to three weeks for installation. Each report covers the range of dates entered by the supervisor and identifies the following as selected by the supervisor. The ETVS will provide software controlled functional reconfiguration capabilities to air traffic supervisors for changing interphone, intercom, and radio frequency connectivity within a facility.

Enhanced Terminal Voice System/Emergency Communications System Procurement

Each report will use operator names and position names extracted from the MIS database along with their identification codes. Sign In Sign Out. Maximum floor space for the four BSs is as follows:.


To ensure sustainability, a coordinated centrally directed approach to maintenance of operational, support, and diagnostic programs is necessary. Removable components will not exceed weight limits specified below so as to permit removal and replacement by one person.

Denro etvs manual dexterity

The design of the system is such that, when properly maintained, ETVS supports continuous, round-the-clock functional and performance requirements throughout a service life of at least ten years.

On-equipment maintenance consists of fault isolation and removal and replacement at the LRU level to restore prime mission equipment in an operational environment.

TTE is listed below for “C” School application. Configure, perform system power-up, power-down, start-over, and recovery of operational modes.

Mnaual also includes updated technical and operational eetvs schedules, functional descriptions of planned ETVS upgrades, initial training dates, and qualitative manpower requirements.

This will give the FAA and DoN the required production decision for full-scale production and delivery. At the supervisory workstation, ETVS provides a MIS data reporting facility that can write reports both on screen and in hard copy upon request.

Minor bits and pieces of hardware i. Operation module and System Administration module.

all Denro etvs manual dexterity agree, this

The ETVS equipment includes automated diagnostic equipment that provides real-time monitoring of critical system components. Components include card cages; fuse panels, power, operator, and radio distribution panels; power supplies; reserve power; a etgs position; and duplex convenience outlets. Additional supervisory features include the display of maintenance alarms and an audible alarm for unmonitored frequencies.

Time Required to Install at Operational Sites.