Eucalyptus cloeziana is an evergreen tree that can grow up to 55 metres tall. The long bole can be up to cm in diameter, exceptionally to cm[. Eucalyptus cloeziana is native to Queensland (Australia). It is among the more important plantation species in Zimbabwe, where it is used for. Notes. BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium sized to tall evergreen tree reaching 55 m in height, while the trunk may reach up to cm in diameter. The bole.

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Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. It is one of the main hardwoods of Australia, used for construction, flooring, panelling, poles, posts, railway sleepers and veneer. Eucaltptus More Utilisation of plantation eucalypts in engineered wood products Currently in South America and Iberia significant quantities of veneer-based engineered wood products EWP are produced from plantation eucalypts; however, no Australian wood processing compa See Terms of Use for details.

Eucalyptus cloeziana

This page was last edited on 21 Marchat Flora of Australia Eucalyptus cloeziana is propagated by seed. Accessed 14 Eucaltptus Seeds pale to mid brown, 1. The flaky bark can be confused with the yellow bloodwoods, to which it is not related. In the Gympie and Cardwell areas Eucalyptus cloeziana is found on deeper more fertile soils and becomes a tall forest tree.


Many Eucalyptus species are cultivated outside their natural distribution area, in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions, because of their rapid growth and adaptation to a wide range of ecological conditions. Classification codes under the Nature Conservation Act The wood is considered one of the best Australian hardwoods. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The flowers provide bee forage. It is strong, stiff and hard. In Africa Eucalyptus globulus Labill.

White flowers appear in early to late summer. Occurrence records map 0 records. It eucxlyptus well in Madagascar, especially at low altitudes near the coast, and it has been planted in Kenya and Tanzania.

Eucalyptus cloeziana – Wikipedia

Rockingham Bay, Queensland, 22 Dec. This study conducted a final inspection of the in-ground natural durability field trial at five sites in Australia.

In tropical Africa it is especially recommended for regions with an average annual rainfall of — mm and a dry season of 4—5 months. Part a Natural durability of timber This project evaluated the timber quality, processing and performance characteristics of year-old Eucalyptus cloeziana Gympie messmate and year-old Eucalyptus pellita red mahogany.

Plant Resources of Tropical Africa Introduction.

Eucalyptus cloeziana – Useful Tropical Plants

This project evaluated the timber quality, processing and performance characteristics of year-old Eucalyptus cloeziana Gympie messmate and year-old Eucalyptus pellita red mahogany. In other areas on shallower, poorer soils derived from sandstone or granite it is a component of low open forest. Many other Cloezjana species have been introduced into tropical Africa, of which the actual distribution cloeiana importance in tropical Africa are not exactly known, but which are surely less important.


Record a sighting Submit a photo Receive alerts when new records are added. The tree reaches its best development in the Gympie region, where some magnificent forest trees attain heights near 60 metres. Eucalyptus cloeziana coppices well.

It planes to an attractive finish and polishes well. The wood is very durable and highly resistant to termites. The specific cloeziama honours Francois Stanislas Cloeza French chemist, who isolated eucalyptol from eucalyptus leaves and recommended its use for the treatment of bronchitis, coughs, colds and flu.

In experiments with Eucalyptus cloeziana in Congo the average height of different provenances was