Cadel Piggott has a genius IQ and a fascination with systems of all kinds. At seven, he was illegally hacking into computers. Now he’s fourteen and studying for. Cadel Piggott has a genius IQ and a fascination with systems of all kinds. At seven, he was illegally hacking into computers. Now he’s 14 and studying. Evil Genius, then, is not a children’s book like Dahl’s Matilda, but a coming-of-age young adult (YA) book. Author Catherine Jinks is adept at working with this.

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Not many books do that. The one i picked up had the black cover-very enchanting, and a gripping blurb. But instead of refocusing Cadel on more positive activities, Dr. I was confused and but down the book but last year I re-picked it back up and read it from start to finish, then picked up the first one, then re-read the second and finally catherinw third.

As a result, he’s taken to see a psychologist, who, treats him like an adult. Jinks does a remarkable job of indicating right and wrong without Cadel having to be a clear avatar of morality himself. I look forward to reading more of your work.

You really find my books THAT good?

When he falls for the mysterious and brilliant Kay-Lee, he begins to question the moral implications of his studies for the first time. Evil Genius Catherine Jinks, Author. I love reaching, and feeling, and experiencing the very core of a person or a situation.

Catherine Jinks ยป Evil Genius

Which wasn’t really what was advertised on the tin. And thank you so very much for such a lovely message.

Can you see it from the admin end? Sometimes the plot bordered on cartoonish with Darkkon’s evil villain motives, and some of the characters’ abilities, but it was usually saved by an acknowledgment of the bizarreness of it all, and in Darkkon’s case, by Thaddeus Roth.


Also by Catherine Jinks. Can I just say, though, as a mother, that staying up till four in the morning reading a book is not a good idea? He just doesn’t do much, flitting from thing to thing. When all is said and done, I liked “Evil Genius” very much indeed. Character Development is quite excellent in this novel, and watching Cadel grow up and geniys throughout the novel is incredibly engaging.

This is an engaging, well written, and enjoyable story. I probably looked a little crazy, sitting there with my eyes so wide, haha. During Thaddeus a Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks is a fictional story that I would highly recommend to anyone who likes books with slower plots jknks more complex characters.

His supposed development of a conscience felt flat to me. Its recomended that you read this book. Description and Plot Development as this book is very much plot centric, and Jinks does an excellent job of setting things up in the novel, and describing the school and various classes that the students take.

When he finds out that his father is an evil criminal mastermind and runs a school for evil known as the Axis institute, he goes not knowing of his father’s dark intentions. I have developed a healthy skepticism vatherine sequels to books I like, especially with a name like Genius Squadbut this book was one that I am very glad I did not judge by its name and cover. The start was superb. Whatever the genre is called, Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks definitely falls into it.

Now, I suppose I should stop blabbering on forever and a half. I read the first page as i usually do when testing a book it was gripping and very descriptive-so, i purchased the book. No, it’s simply because I kept losing interest.

On ‘Evil Genius’, by Catherine Jinks – Griffith Review

Now Cadel’s enrolled in Darkkon’s very own Axis Institute. Her work has been published in Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Catherine Jinks is the Australian author of more than thirty books for all ages. Wow, I have no idea to say! If you like books about good and evil, def check it out.


Evil Genius

All his life, Cadel has been living with his inattentive and uncaring adoptive parents. Nov 01, Lisa rated it it was amazing. Gelder, KPopular Fiction: I still think of Cadel once in a while. I wish you all the best! And I also loved Cadel’s emotional journey that broke through the emotional distance that is usually created between a highly intelligent detached character and the reader. But I had another issue with Evil Genius.

She grew up in Papua New Guinea, where her father worked as a patrol officer.

Your work is an absolute masterpiece, and it has peaked the interest of becoming a computer hacker nothing too crazy. Sep 06, Montzalee Wittmann rated it it was amazing. Evil School, but based on the cover art and the first pages, I had assumed that this would be a rather light treatment of such an institution. Evil Geniusthen, like many novels with a touch of fantasy, dramatises clashing moral codes.

I’m a fan of evil, but this story hasn’t done anything for me at all. Caden’s real father would build the evjl for him, but he would not put together the plans for the phone because he believed that Cadel needed the challenge. What can I say but thank you so much? So, I found Evil Genius in my school library when I was in eighth grade, in early Another reason that just occurred to me are uinks twists within the story.

So hopefully you will to. I can only imagine what else you can add to this amazing story, but it would be something to look forward to.