and “reconciliation” in his Exclusion and Embrace. Written from 2 Miroslav Volf, Exclusion and Embrace: A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness, and. Book Review: Miroslav Volf, Exclusion and Embrace: A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness and Reconciliation (Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press, Exclusion & Embrace has ratings and reviews. David said: Volf’s book needs to be read slowly for it is both profound and challenging. This book.

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Paperbackpages. Most proposed solutions to the problem of exclusion have focused on social arrangements what kind of society ought we to create in ans to accommodate individual or communal difference?

Thomas Scarborough’s enbrace review on Amazon. And, since September 11, one can scarcely help but plug the new world players into his incisive descriptions of the dynamics of interethnic and international strife.

It is not something that goes up or down based on your performance. Volf puts forth exclusion of the other as the problem ch. A truly brilliant book on the psychology, theology and practice of exclusion of others and the redemptive and restorative practice of inclusion.

The beginning chapters of Exclusion and Embrace are deep, but worth wading through as the remainder of the book clarifies and expands on the premises outlined at the beginning.

Exodus Church and Civil Society.

Living in the fault zone between Muslim and Christian civilizations, and having gone through religious riots and killings in our town, the book’s message is especially relevant. I already know I’ll have to read it a few more times to absorb everything and untangle the threads and tease out the full implications.

The Analogy of Grace. What grounds this book is his real-life examples of those caught up in hideous war crimes – this is lived-out theology. The Grawemeyer awards given also by the University of Louisville in the fields of musical composition, education, psychology, and world order honor the virtue of accessibility: Open Preview See a Problem?


This is an incredibly rich book that deserves exclusioon readings and is vitally important for any of us engaging a diverse, multicultural world.

The book is very thought provoking, to say the least. Joy and Human Flourishing. Not a huge fan of vokf and inexperienced with systematic theology, so this was a stretch for “fun reading.

Exclusion & Embrace: A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness, and Reconciliation

So Christianity gives you a basis of identity that is based on the love of God, it is a gift, it is not something you earn. Exclusion happens, Volf argues, wherever impenetrable barriers are set up that prevent a creative encounter with the other.

This is my favorite of his books, and, although I rarely re-read books, this one is also on my read again list.

The book is loaded with insights and nuances that cannot be boiled down to a simple message. It is empty hands held open for God to fill.

Miroslav Volf Quotes (Author of Exclusion & Embrace)

See my full review here: New Testament Theology and its Quest for Relevance. As an outsider to Volf’s academic discipline, I had the feeling I was reading a message of vital importance encased in something that the academy might accept.

For perpetrators, the cross is not only something that they ‘receive’ – ie they don’t simply ‘benefit’ from the blessings of forgiveness – but it’s a call to live differently, and to pour out their life in repentance and sacrifice for others, as Jesus did. Some of the content is necessary for proving the thesis while other aspects seem to be unnecessary. The reason is simple: Allah ratings Open Preview See a Problem?


For Volf, the exclueion of embrace is inherent in the mutual and overspilling love of the Trinity, as well as the fundamental character of God’s engagement with human beings; the incarnation is a metaphysical embrace of humanness, and the cross anx an appeal to be embraced in return. It is beautifully argued and carefully-crafted to address some of the common concerns are with the conservative Christian response, which predomin A political exclhsion treatise from the theologian, Miroslav Volf, does not fail to compel and challenge exxclusion few modern conceptions of self, liberalism, gender and violence to name a few concepts This was an excellent book.

Miroslav Volf contends that if exclusiom healing word of the gospel is to be heard today, Christian theology must find ways of speaking that address the hatred of the other. Garrett added that, although addressed primarily to Christians, Volf’s theological statement opens itself to religious pluralism by upholding the importance of different religious and cultural traditions for the formation of personal and group identity.

This work is extremely thought provoking and, at times, challenging.

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A Very Short Introduction. Wouldn’t it make more sense that the closest God comes to violence is to stop thinking about us and therefore chooses something more like euthanasia annd murder? A member of the Episcopal Church in the U. However, it is definitely not for everyone.

Otherness, the simple fact of being different in some way, has come to be defined as in and of itself evil.